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Americans takes a knee where it hurts by Trump's red-meat tactics

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trump kneeIn my world, it is repugnant to abuse the flag or not stand up during the National Anthem. This country can withstand football players and sports figures protests in this way, but, I am still repulsed by it.

Trump NFL: Discuss it below

Does this mean i find the NFL players disloyal Americans or not-patriotic because they choose to express their feelings in this manner?

No. I believe they should find other ways to promote their issue that would be more inclusive so that their message is not collaterally attacked by those who have legitimate concerns that the symbols of this nation are under attack and accordingly, who might be offended.

However, it is also so obnoxious when i witness the most powerful person in this country use an issue for his own political benefit, regardless of his prior sentiments and statements. Then, that powerful person, the President of the United States sees no problem throwing unnecessary red meat to his base at a time there are many more important issues before this nation.

Donald Trump News Today

Instead of providing details and telling the world why his healthcare bill will help millions of Americans, he emotionally and publicly lashes out at those who are uncertain, even those who are real national heroes, like Senator John McCain. Instead of shedding light on the horrors of virtual annihilation of a country Puerto Rico, he tweets 19 times about the NFL, until he is essentially called out by that country’s Governor.

Instead of trying to understand the merits of the arguments of those who feel compelled to take a knee, he questions their loyalty to this country.

This is not the way to bring people together.  It is not the way to be the President of all of the people of the country.  It is only a way to distract the masses from the miserable record of lack of legislative accomplishments.

Worse, it is being exploited by the very man who only two years ago, and only months before becoming a candidate to lead this great land, agreed with David Letterman by 100%--that it was ok to burn the flag “because this country is far greater than that symbol, and that symbol is standing for freedom of expression".

WATCH: Trump, Letterman ok flag burning is "standing for freedom of expression"

That was then, many months before he so recently needed to keep his political base who was believing they were being betrayed by him talking to the “enemy”, the Democratic Party leaders.

So, today, Trump is being applauded by one third of the nation who seems to rationalize almost everything he says and does so his image is protected. His words accusing others of being unpatriotic and unAmerican are being thrown around social media as the latest cannon shot in what appears to be an uncivil war.

Yet, there are some of us who find his own statements and actions as hurtful to this nation, destructive to our precious American institutions and perhaps even anti-American, in effect.

Indeed, many of us hear the screams of outrage coming from those who are hurt by the actions by our sports figures. But, why are those so vocal against this protest so silent when the President’s own activities are beyond the pale and worse, destructive to the very core of this country.

Why do they scorn when we point out how Trump has insulted the great men and women of this nation, not because he is doing what is right for country, but, what is right for himself, financially and politically.

Here is a list of just some of the statements candidate and President Trump has made that I have felt both shocking and frightening and much more damaging to this country than actions of a few angry men:

1  The media is the enemy of the people

  1. The Russian intrusion into American elections is a witch-hunt or a hoax.
  2. Are we living in Nazi Germany?" he tweeted. referring to a leak by someone in US intelligence
  3. The system is rigged.
  4. The only way i will lose this election is if it is stolen from me
  5. “There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?
  6. Regarding Trump Jr. etc. meeting with Russian government supported agents, "“Many people, and many political pros, said everybody would do that.”  

Every time he calls the Russian investigation a fraud, a hoax, a witch hunt, he enables Russia to further their efforts to divide us.  We will not be ready for their next assault, come election day.

This does not mean that there is collusion but there are enough facts presented to know that something is absolutely wrong. Instead of taking the lead and protecting us from Russian intrusion, he debases our needs to protect us from outside.

Again, I understand the disgust that so many of us have that protest is being handled in a way that is viewed by millions as being so hurtful.  But, America is a much greater nation and as Trump agreed two years ago, we can overcome the assault upon our flag.  If one is burnt, the next one flourishes. If one is demeaned, the next is beloved.

Yes, there is a real risk to this country’s democracy when a man, running for President calls the system rigged, claims he cannot lose an election unless it is stolen from him, claims he won the popular vote but for massive voter fraud by illegal immigrants and others.  There is a real risk to the fabric of our society, not our flag, when we berate our own intelligence officers, tell our foes that our former FBI Director is a nut job, and act in a way that helps Russia continue to manipulate the very nation that we all love, so dearly.

As Americans, nothing is more important than protecting ourselves from external invasion and destruction, whether it be from a nuclear device or a digital nuke that robs our nation’s will. The men and women who have fought, and those who have died, and those who have sacrificed so others might enjoy the future, will not have made the efforts in vain when angry people speak out in ways we don’t understand in ways of which we don’t agree.

The glorious sacrifices made, however, are forever diminished when we selfishly and politically act to conceal truths and to undermine whatever protections we must take to preserve our democracy from hostile nations.

In my mind, nothing could be so hurtful to America.

In my mind, we Americans are taking a knee where it hurts by Trump's pro-Russian diversionary red-meat tactics

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