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Comparing the Donald Trump Jr.--Russia row vs. Clinton, DNC Dossier episodes

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hillary donIn the past week, there has been a cottage industry developing, lead by Donald Trump and Fox News, accusing the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton of colluding with the Russians because they funded the now-infamous Steele dossier. Yet, these accusers are silent or claim not to be bothered when it comes to the events related to Donald Trump Jr and that now infamous Trump tower meeting.

 However, as the linked story below asserts, Donald Trump actually met with government agents, that is, an attorney who had the blessings of the Russian government.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that Trump wants to confuse and attack because that is who he is and because the credibility of his administration is on the line with the Russian investigation.  This is even truer now since there appears to be some type of indictment arising from the Mueller probe. Thus, the heightened urgency to dredge up the supposedly-debunked Clinton Uranium One deal and the Trump Steele Dossier as a counter-attack.

For the record, I look forward hearing details from the FBI informant who claims to have information that could turn this potential Uranium scandal on its head. If there are any real conflicts of interests or any governmental misdeeds, regardless as to whom might be involved, heads must roll.

But, at this point in time, there is a major difference between what we seem to know from the Trump Tower meeting and the Steele Dossier.  Conservative publications and Trump are trying to call the two morally equivalent, or worse, Clinton and Democrats “colluding with foreign agents”.

First, I find it so inconsistent when I read Trump supporters try to use the word collusion to pin the ugly tail on the DNC donkey when they condemn any charge of the same against team Trump.  They are taking a couple of bony news stories without any real meat, as of yet and comparing it to very detailed specifics that has arisen from news reports from hearings and other investigations.  And, let us not forget, it is possible that both the Trumps' and the Camp Clintons have engaged in unsavory and/or unlawful activities.  Right now, we don't know.

Nonetheless, here is a slightly modified post I made on Facebook today that I believe outlines the differences between the DNC-Clinton dossier connection vs. the Trump Jr. Russian attorney controversy. What prompted my response below was the insistence that what makes the Clinton controversy much worse than the Trump facts are that money exchanged hands, that is, a foreign national Steele was paid and received information from the Russians.

(Please do ignore the grammatical errors and informal language used in many Facebook Posts)

Talking Points Brought to Trump Tower Meeting Were Shared With Kremlin

I hear what you are saying that the Clinton machine paid foreign agents. It surely appears the law firm contracted with GPS who paid a British foreign agent to acquire some kind of information for op research. If this is the case and if GPS is violation of the law then, there should be some criminal liability. The problem here as i see it right now is the are a number of degrees of separation, right now. We don't know who GPS communicated with. Let us assume, for sure, it is the law firm. We don't know what they did with the info, meaning, did they give it to anybody at the clinton campaign the DNC? Did they talk with the foreign agent, Steele?

Then, we don't know if any of the information from the law firm was directly presented to anybody high up in the Clinton machine and if it was, if any of it was presented to Clinton.

 At this point, we simply do not know the facts yet, so, trying to close the gap and say Clinton knew is tantamount to saying that Donald Trump knew about the meeting in Trump Towers.

We just don't know. However, based upon the NY Times piece above, it appears that the Trump team knew that they were meeting with very high officials or representatives of the Russian government to obtain operation research. The connection is direct to Don Jr, Manafort and Kushner. They had every reason to know that it was the Russian government and according to the NY Times, it was or sanctioned by the government.

Is there a difference between paying for information and receiving information? Yes. So, if Hillary or very high up had authorized paying to receive information from a top Russian official, I absolutely would want to know more about this and what they did with the information.   If, however, Clinton had no contact with the Russians, had no idea how the information was being obtained or by whom, then, i have very little issue with this at all, do you?

So, right now, you have top Trump officials meeting with Russian government agents (it appears) to get dirt which Trump says everybody would do. And he is blaming Clinton and the DNC for paying for op research to a law firm (and presumably for other services) who hires a firm GPS, who then hires a foreign agent from England, and Trump has a problem with this? Let's get REAL!!

Before accusing the Clintons or Trump of collusion, make sure you have facts, inferences don’t count.

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