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Poll: Sex allegations against Franken, Roy Moore; Trump vs. Sanders

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sanders    A new poll released by POLITICO/Morning Consult has turned up some interesting results.  The poll was conducted from Nov. 16-19 among a national sample of 2,586 registered voters.  Here are some of the findings.


    Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders lost out to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, but this poll shows that may have been a mistake after Sanders is matched against Trump.
    In a hypothetical match-up, Sanders beats Donald Trump by a margin of 42 to 36%.  Bernie leads Trump among women 45-30%, independents 38-29%, African-Americans 63-10%, and voters who make under $50K 42-32%.
    Not only that, the poll reveals that a generic Democrat in a match-up against Trump gets 44% of the vote to 35% who say they would vote for Trump.
    On another issue, 50% of those polled say that Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken should resign following sexual misconduct accusations.  Just 22% say he should stay in office.
    By party affiliation, 44% of independents, 49% of Democrats, and 56% of Republicans say Franken should resign.  A whopping 66% of respondents say the Ethics Committee should investigate the Franken allegations, while 15% said no.
    The poll also looked at the situation surrounding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.  Most voters say Moore should be expelled from the Senate if elected – 57% for expulsion, compared to only 18% who say he should be allowed to serve.
    Support for Moore’s expulsion from the Senate includes 73% of Democrats, 46% of Republicans, and 43% of Trump voters.  Forty-three percent of voters say the accusations against Moore are credible while only19% don’t think so.

    Less than half of those polled – 49% – believe the allegations against Trump are credible, compared to 29% who say they are not.
    There is a considerable partisan gap:  64% of Democrats say the allegations are credible against Trump, while only 37% of Republicans say the same.
    A quarter of voters – 25% – say the Democrats are doing better at responding to sexual harassment and misconduct allegations compare to only 16% who say Republicans are doing better.
    And 21% of voters believe sexual misconduct is more prevalent in the Republicans Party compared to 17% who say the same about Democrats.
    Fifty-nine percent of respondents say sexual harassment and misconduct is a big problem in Hollywood and in the federal government in Washington, D.C.
    Here’s how they feel about some of the high-profile cases revealed so far:

Donald Trump News Today

    Harvey Weinstein – 59% say allegations are credible, 16% say not credible.
    Kevin Spacey – 50% say allegations are credible, 19% say not credible.
    Bill O’Reilly — 47% say allegations are credible, 20% say not credible.
    And 51% say elected officials who face sexual misconduct allegations should resign.  This includes 59% of Democrats and 46% of Republicans.


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