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HILLYER: Republican National Committee should disband due to its Roy Moore support

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republican national committee disband2The Republican Judge Roy Moore run for US Senate against Democratic candidate Doug Jones is generating significant anger throughout the country.  This fury is exhibited by many—from those for and those against the controversial former Alabama Supreme Court Justice.  The target of this enmity is not just Moore but towards the Republican National Committee.  This week, the RNC changed course in the race once President Donald Trump flip-flopped on the controversial candidate who some call, a pedophile. Now both back Moore, changing the momentum in the contest in favor of the former justice who was removed twice from the court.


This morning, I interviewed one of those individuals who are literally "disgusted" by recent developments. Quin Hillyer, a long-time conservative Republican, a national columnist for publications such as the National Review, Washington Examiner and more, tore into the RNC and Trump for their endorsement of Moore.  Hillyer is an Alabama resident and contributor to local news outlets.

Here is the transcript of the first 5 minutes, 46 seconds of our conversation dealing with the Alabama political contest. Below that is the video which is 11 minutes, 19 long.  After reading the below, simply click on the video at that 5:46 mark to watch the entire first segment or, of course, watch the entirety of part one interview with columnist Hillyer.

HILLYER: What's going on, is we have a horrible election going on, Louisiana's familiar with horrible elections, we've had a few in the past there, and we have the result of Mitch McConnell and his minions interfering horrendously in Alabama's election--trying to, trying to sort of dictate an outcome, and of course causing the exact opposite of the outcome that they wanted, because they are tone-deaf and basically incompetent.  

And so we were left with is pretty much the worst of all possible nominees and he already was the worst of all possible nominees even before these sexual allegations--allegations came out.  And then yes and now we've got a guy who has been at least credibly accused of being a child sexual abuser as the nominee of the Republican Party, and his opponent while apparently a pretty decent man in person is also just about as far left as you can possibly be much more like northern Democrat than like an Alabama judicial Democrat.

And so a lot of people in Alabama really are really shocked.

SABLUDOWSKY: When I think about what's going to Alabama you mentioned it actually I think of the the David Duke elections and which of course you know you quite familiar with, and you know I think about how George Bush came out and I think, not District 81 election, but the elections after that, and he certainly took positions against David Duke that's not what happened here

HILLYER:  we do have an incumbent president who is now wholeheartedly endorsed Roy Moore  and the Republican National Committee is back on board with him and look I don't want to prejudge a guy, maybe the worst of the allegations against him are somehow wrong or exaggerated but if a guy has been credibly--does not mean--it's the truth--that it means it is highly believable, if somebody has been credibly accused of some sort of sexual abuse against a child, then that person should never be endorsed by the President of the United States or by the National Party committee unless and until it is clear that the accusations are wrong.  I'm not saying any accusation should carry weight but if it's credible and these are then it is the height of irresponsibility for this president and that national committee to come and endorse him and to send their donors money to him and I am disgusted.

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SABLUDOWSKY: So you disgusted by the Republicans now?

HILLYER: Yeah yeah--the Republican National Committee is it has just completely compromised itself.  My father at one point was on the Republican National Committee--he's not spinning in his grave, he's vomiting in his grave.  This is this is absolutely despicable and disgusting and the Republican National Committee should be disbanded--and you can-- please post that all over the place.  The Republican National Committee ought to be disbanded.

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay so playing devil's advocate there's the argument that that the allegations are not credible?

Donald Trump News Today

HILLYER: No no no,  no these, let me interrupt you right there--they may not be, it may turn out that some of the stories are not true-- it is impossible to say with a straight face that they are not at least quite credible.  They are, these--the two main Washington Post stories--I'm not talking about the Gloria Allred client--throw that aside--the two main Washington Post stories actually three main Washington Post stories now, are among the best sourced most tightly reported stories of this sort I have ever seen in my entire life.  They have, they have multiples they have more than 30 sources, they have something like 15-named sources, they have court documents, they have all sorts of things that that make these stories believable, credible by any objective standpoint-- if this were before a jury trial the jury would say these are serious--and there definitely worthy of very close analysis because on the surface, and even the first second the first and second look below the surface, they look as real as any testimony we'll get.  

Bayoubuzz Note:

In the rest of the video, (starting at 5:461 mark)  Hillyer talks about the evidence and what piece he considers to be the strongest in support of the women’s claims,

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