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More Mickey Mouse Political Correctness with Roseanne cancellation?

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“More left-wing political correctness”.

minnie roseanne 6What about Michelle Wolf?

“This is the type of action that helps Donald Trump”

Those are the types of comments being heard and read in twittersphere, the media and now in the Starbucks coffee shops. Well, not yet as Starbucks is closed due to PC sensitivity training.

Today, Disney, which owns ABC cancelled the Roseanne show, a blockbuster TV hit. The reason? Roseanne Barr, a comedian made some very off color and ugly tweets against Chelsea Clinton, Valerie Jarret and others. In a plea reminiscent to when Kathy Griffin got the ax for her bloody Donald Trump head joke, the Roseanne show is being shown the door.


Isn’t this what comedians do? They make fun of things. Like Saturday night live does every week, poking fun at Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, Melania, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and so many more in the news? Yep, that’s what comedians do.  They poke fun at people and insult our insensitivities.

Which is what Michelle Wolf did last month which got the same crowd, now complaining about free speech, in a tizzy.

Below are some of the comments about this new development in “right vs. left, Trumpers vs. NeverTrumpers, deplorables vs. the elites” America


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