landrieuNow, it is official, Bobby Jindal said that he will be completing his second term as Louisiana Governor, according to John Maginnis, the field of potential candidates for U.S. Senate to compete against Mary Landrieu is becoming swollen.

Yesterday, Maginnis said in his weekly newsletter, “ Two have previously declared their willingness to challenge her: Congressman Jeff Landry and BESE member Chas Roemer. Also said to be interested are three more congressmen: Bill Cassidy, Dr. John Fleming and Steve Scalise.

Friday, 09 September 2011 18:03

Obama's Job Speech, Bill --Pass This Poll

President Obama’s September 8 Jobs speech is now history.

Proponents found the talk "stimulating".  Others complain that it was purely “stimulus”.

Thursday, 08 September 2011 19:26

John Georges Not Running For Louisiana Governor

John GeorgesJohn Georges has decided not to run for Governor of the State of Louisiana.

According to Georges, the decision was made today.

Thursday, 08 September 2011 16:00

The Big Moment For Georges, Jindal and Louisiana



Down here in Louisiana, eyes today are on the Internet.

That is likely where the news will break as the state and some feel the nation will know if John Georges will take on Bobby Jindal in the Race For the Louisiana Governor—Part Deaux.

So far, despite the efforts made by the Democratic Party, the candidates who have qualified so far and others, no opponent with name recognition, experience and more than anything else, money, has ponied up to the Secretary of State bar and paid the qualifying fee.

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 18:43

The Many Faces Of New Orleans's Garland Robinette

RobinetteThe many faces of Garland Robinette.

He walked down the decade of the 80’s with Angela Hill as “The New Orleans couple”.   

John GeorgesWill Democrat John Georges run against current Louisiana Governor, Republican Bobby Jindal?

According to Georges, “I am seriously considering it over the next two days.”  

robinetteDave Cohen, the news director for WWL radio is in an unenviable spot.

Today, he wrote a news article involving that same station under which he is employed, the person who supervises him--Garland Robinette and about a matter that has become public debate in the New Orleans area.

Tropical storm LeeToday, Freshman Congressman Cedric Richmond (LA-02) led 56 Members of Congress in a letter to the House Speaker and Majority Leader calling on them “to assure the American people that the federal government remains a committed partner in helping to restore communities in the wake of natural disasters” and “make it clear that budgetary offsets will not be required prior to emergency funding.” 

This letter written by Richmond comes in the wake of Hurricane Irene and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s announcement that it would shift to “immediate needs funding.” 

Some in the Louisiana political community are now wondering whether today’s switch by House of Representative member, Joel Robideaux , means the Governor will support the current House pro tempore for the Speaker of the House. 

Yesterday was the Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

While the eyes were on the destruction from another storm, Irene, still Katrina was on the minds of many in the Gulf Coast region and in Louisiana.

In New Orleans, there were a number of events held to remind us all about the loss, the deaths, the destruction, the upheaval and the disruptions occasioned by Mother Nature’s anger and man’s neglect.

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