Bachmann-Intelligent DesignOne of the big debates in the Louisiana blogosphere today is questioning Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s intelligence or at least her honesty. 

Bachmann made a big hit at the Republican Southern Leadership Conference in New Orleans this Friday as she did last week on the CNN Republican Party Presidential debate. 

However, at the conference, Kevin Allman of the Gambit tried to ask her a very simple question about a statement she made while on a 2006 panel discussion when she tried to support Intelligent Design or some say “Creationism” in schools. 

Jindal CigarettesI’m smoking.

Smoking mad.

It appears that our Louisiana House of Representatives are going to vote on the cigarette tax. According to news reports, as of now there are not enough votes to override Governor Jindal’s veto.

Based upon news reports, Jindal has made a personal plea to his party not to override his veto of the four-cent-per pack cigarette tax.


Jindal birthdayToday is Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal’s birthday. He is now 40-years old.

Happy birthday Governor.

It’s hard to believe that roughly fifteen years have passed since Governor Foster picked the 25-year-old Rhodes Scholar to be the youngest Secretary of Louisiana Health and Hospitals.

WashingtonAnthony Weiner

Or shall we say New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Because for now, after everything is said and done, Weiner is the New York Congressman and has chosen to fight rather than switch to become Citizen Weiner.


Jindal's bookBook it. Governor Bobby Jindal appears to be having another bad hair week at the Louisiana Capitol.

Today it was revealed that House Speaker Jim Tucker has written a letter to Rep. Talbot (R-Jefferson) who has authored House Bill 479 related to state employee retirement benefits.  The letter reportedly said that Tucker was declaring an increase in the retirement charges set out in the legislation to be a payroll tax increase.

Louisiana CapitolThe budget crunched State of Louisiana is going through some tough times lately.  Its legislature is trying to determine the best way to fix a 1.6 billion dollar hole for the upcoming fiscal year.  One idea that has passed the House Appropriations committee is to raid the state’s $82 million Mega-Project Development Fund which money is dedicated to lure big economic development projects into the state.

The Bobby Jindal administration is opposed to tapping into this fund as well as certain other budgetary measures taken by the House committee.  Specifically, the Louisiana Economic Development Secretary (LED), Stephen Moret has been very vocal about the consequences of using this dedicated money for filling holes in the budget.

The Saints drafted Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson in the third round of the draft and believe he will give them depth at outside linebacker while playing on special teams.

He's a 6-foot-4, 250-pound workout freak who sometimes doesn't play to his athleticism. He made the All-Big Ten team last season after missing the 2009 year with a neck injury. The Saints had him graded much higher than a third-rounder and couldn't pass him up..

The Louisiana Economic Development agency hit the top of the proverbial list today as  Site Selection magazine announced its 2010 Competitiveness Awards, ranking Louisiana’s Economic Development agency as No. 1 in the country.   The awards recognizes excellence on the part of state-level economic development groups.


BATON ROUGE (CNS)—Gov. Bobby Jindal’s attempt to sell the Louisiana Office of Group Benefits (OGB) appears to have been sidetracked for at least 60 days, a Senate committee was told in Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater attributed the delay to the necessity of drafting a second request for proposal after negotiations with Wall Street banking firm Goldman Sachs bogged down.

The Louisiana Legislature approved a congressional redistricting plan Wednesday

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