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For almost one year, instead of being focused upon how to get rid of the coronavirus, thanks to then-President Donald Trump, we debated whether we should wear masks and if we should social distance.  What a waste of time.  And, a waste of life.

During an interview with Jim Brown to discuss Pandemic to the future, the issue of whether we should open up the schools came up in our discussion.  Below is the transcript of this segment of the interview. Below also is the video. I strongly recommend watching the video.

Yeah, seven grandchildren, all that are operating primarily online. And the overall consensus of the parents of the kids themselves and other teachers dealing with them is that they're not getting the same education, they would if they were doing it in the school face to face the interaction, the friendships kids, kids are missing out on. So the overwhelming consensus I hear it's much better to be in a physical environment, and try to do an online. So, you know, if you do homeschooling, those parents are geared up and have studied and worked with other parents. And if you haven't had that background, then it's very difficult to do online.

Regarding the question about doing to differential to the CDC. That's a tough one. Because we just don't know, we don't have the history. We don't have the studies in terms of the virus to see what's going to happen. Look, you're talking to a guy that spent 12 days in intensive care in the hospital. Wow, I did it because and I think I did it because I went to a political gathering where all these big shot politicians didn't wear a mask and came up to me I tried to keep my distance. I went down there to deliver a friend to do the cooking and stayed around and I shouldn't have done it. I should have gotten out there because I got the virus and I have really suffered because of it. So when the medical professionals say give us a recommendation and they've got the facts to back it up. I'm wanting to weigh on the side of listening. I need Let me tell you about this. And Trey, this is not reflective of your question. But I have people come and say, Well listen, just my right to decide whether to wear a mask or not. Well, look, what about my right for you not to be in my face in a restaurant or in the store or something like that. When you're getting in my face, you see, you are a danger to me, because you're emanating through your breath, the virus that causes me great anger, I lost a brother in law, by the way, by the virus. And so I don't buy that argument at all the freedom of choice, it's my freedom of choice for you to stay out of my face. So get the heck out of my face. And don't give me that argument about not wearing a mask. The the literature and the medicine seems to say that if you wear a mask and keep your distance and use good common sense, you're gonna be okay.

But we don't know Steve, we just don't have the the history. We don't have the medical history and a lot of these issues. And so until we have more history, I think we need to move very cautious. All my gang wants to go back to school, I've got some grandkids that I have a grandson and went back to school, his teacher got the virus. So now he's out of school for two weeks. So it's just a tough situation. And every parent has to use what they think is good common sense, and making the decisions and what they do with their kids. Again, if you have any questions or make want to make

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In the first year of the nineteen twenties, when many of our grandparents were alive, people wore masks to protect themselves from the Spanish Flu. Some went so far as to put them on house cats to protect the mousers.

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head 4519964 640From Chrome to Machine Learning to Zoom to Elections technology

What are the latest technologies that embrace our changing world?  There's machine learning that is now somewhat easy to learn. Oh, really?

Of course, there's always the need to figure out Algorithms before they figure out you.  Everybody needs to Covid-19 up as the killer virus is no longer infecting your hard. drive.   And, can we live any more without zooming away into virtual meetings and gatherings?

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gray dorian trump 6

The lights are dimming. The picture is not pretty.

We're weeks away from Election Day 2020. We're looking for the next leader to have the presidential demeanor, the control of personality to lead this country at a time where more nations are only a red button away from our armageddon. 

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If the goal was for Donald Trump’s chief physician, Dr. Sean Conley, to clear up the confusion he created during Saturday’s press conference, he missed his mark. If anything, the White House physician gave great credence to Trump's critics complaints--that the doctor is taking orders from his client.   

Below is the transcript from today’s press conference in which the doctor updated the public about Trump’s physical status as the president recovers from Covid-19.  Below the transcript are my own observations:

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rip america 2

President Donald Trump has a point.

Since late May, Joe Biden has not come out strongly against the riots that have run our streets now. The Democratic Convention was mute about rioters' physical brutalizing police, their torching federal buildings, their throwing Molotov cocktails. 

Biden and Democratic leaders must crackdown using the legal forces available, whether it be the State Police, the National Guard, or any other available federal power that these Mayors and Governors can control.  We do not want the President to send in unwanted agents as he did this summer in Portland.  Nor do we want folks, boiling mad, to post onto the Internet, calling for vigilantes to gather their long rifles. We all know happens when that occurs. 

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So, here we are.

Four years ago, the MAGA train powered across the nation. Farmer, coalminers, former-Obama backers jumped on at every stop. The battle cry, shrieking through Donald Trump's "Maga Phone" demanded major disruptions and destruction of our nation's institutions, far and wide.

Instead of backing our traditional allies in Europe who, for seventy-years, we courted as indispensable partners, the candidate Trump gave notice they were no longer needed. Our new best buddy would be Putin' and Russia.  Candidate Trump told us that our leading the world through cooperation in the sciences, trade, human rights were not going to be his goal.  He warned us that he, if President, would leave those tracks of which the world valued our incredible contributions.  

Despite almost unanimous scientific evidence of global warming, he promised to turn on the spigot for old coal and dirty energy sources. Instead of working with the strengths of our past, the world became all about us—America First. Always.

His loyalists and later his voters saw all of this as a way to tell the world they have had enough!! It was time to disrupt the status quo.

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What do you think about President Donald Trump's trial balloon he launched today?  According to the president, we can't trust the future election results because of mail-in voting. So, the Potus tweeted his frustration which in essence asked , "how about if we delay this November vote, guys?".

Maybe he has a point. While there absolutely is no evidence of the type of massive "mail-in" voting fraud that could turn the November results, admittedly, it is possible, and we have seen isolated cases.

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It's now official. Down is up, and day is night. And Donald Trump is the man who saved America from health and economic Armageddon.

That's the White House narrative. If you were to believe the quick-talking, take-no-prisoners Presidential Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, her boss is the best thing to happen to treat infections since penicillin.

On Wednesday, Conway told a gaggle of reporters that the governors opened up too quickly. Her finger-pointing and boss-protection is no surprise, especially now. After a long hiatus during which the White House put fixing the virus on cruise control, with poll numbers heading due south, the President decided to become relevant once again.

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Usually, a President that delivered seven million new jobs and a historically low unemployment rate can run for re-election on his economic program. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic destroyed the economy. Thus, President Trump’s masterful stewardship of the economy is no longer apparent as Americans struggle to deal with economic lockdowns, virus mandates, and high unemployment.

As the nation returns to lockdown mode again with an increase in virus numbers, economic progress will be curtailed. This issue is no longer the President’s best way to win re-election.

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