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Mitch Landrieu says turbines coming but rain on way to New Orleans Featured

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landrieu presser 5Today, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu held a press conference to discuss the current flooding and pumping problem that has ensnared his administration this week.

On the day that the organization that he heads, the Conference of US Mayors are convening in New Orleans, Landrieu said, “"There is no need for panic," 


Certain areas of the city were flooded due to a totally unexpected deluge of rainwater on Saturday. As if the flood was not bad enough, as the city began to dry out, facts emerged that certain operations were offline during the storm.

Then, on Wednesday, a fire damaged a turbine led to speculation of foul-play, but more so, the concern that the city is highly vulnerable.

During today's press conference, Landrieu said the turbine that went down in the fire Wednesday night has been repaired and power supply will come back on gradually.

However, three of five turbines were already even offline before the fire damaged the fourth turbine.

In the short time, the best New Orleans can hope for a condition somewhat similar to the city’s preparedness of this past weekend.

According to Landrieu, help is on the way.

Landrieu said the city has ordered 26 backup generators. 6 have arrived. 12 will arrive later today. 8 remaining will be here by Sunday to ensure redundancy.

Meanwhile the city must weather a somewhat wet week.  According to, rain is on the way every day for a week. 

"We remain at risk if a major storm comes until we get more turbines up," Landrieu said, 




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