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New Orleans Protest rallies Saturday for the left and the wet Featured

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monumental disaster floodSaturday will be the day of protests from the  left and the wet:


 This Saturday August 19, 2017 at 11  AM, a rally will be held in Duncan Plaza to allow the citizens of New Orleans to “flood city hall” with their voices.  Organized out of frustration for the lack of leadership coming from the Mayor’s Office regarding the flooding in New Orleans two weeks; participants will unify in their belief that Mayor Mitch Landrieu should resign effective January 1, 2018 after the fall elections are finalized.


(from press releases)

Adrian Bruneau who is helping organize the event Saturdaycommented that, “The mayor’s number one job responsibility is public safety, and he is utterly failing at that.  We look to organize this weekend to call for him to step down effective January 1, 2018 so that the candidate for Mayor who is chosen this fall can begin to rebuild not only the sewerage and water board but also the public’s trust.  We can’t simply accept that the buck stops with the mayor and that ends it.  The stakes were too high on this one and lives were in danger.  He must step down after the elections are held and not continue to hold office until May of 2018 as is currently planned.  The mayor shouldn’t get a victory lap to be the voice of our city during New Orleans’ tricentennial.  He needs to step down after the election in October not May of next year,” Bruneau concluded. 

Kirk Williamson, another event organizer added, “We are cognizant of the events of this past weekend in Virginia and are calling on all participants to unite in diversity for a singular issue that affects all the people in this city. The flood waters weren’t mindful of a singular political affiliation, race or creed; it affected us all.”  Williamson continued, “New Orleans can show the country and the world that all people can peacefully come together and demand accountability from their local leaders.  The mayor needs to resign in January as people of varying backgrounds have lost faith in his leadership ability.  Let us choose our new leader and allow that person to begin the work of securing public safety immediately,” he concluded.

Flood City Hall will take place at:

Duncan Plaza

349 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112

Rally begins at 11 AM on Saturday August 19, 2017


Saturday, August 19, 2017, 1 p.m. from Congo Square to Jackson Square. .  

TEDN is also demanding that the City Council of New Orleans pass TEDN’s Ordinance to remove all Confederate monuments and memorials from public spaces. “We call on the City Council to finish the work it began in December 2015, by removing all remaining monuments honoring White Supremacy,” said Malcolm Suber, a TEDN organizer.

“We are calling on all people of good will to show solidarity with Charlottesville, Memphis, Durham, Gainesville, and other communities in other states that want to remove the names and statues honoring the treasonous Confederates and white supremacists, who tried to overthrow the U.S. government and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans to preserve slavery for their own economic gain.” 




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