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New Orleans Mayor candidate Bagneris blasts Sewage and Water Board, NOPD management Featured

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BagnerisCampaignWithout naming names, Judge Michael Bagneris, a candidate for Mayor, today made the following statement regarding the management practices of the Sewer and Water Board and the New Orleans Police Department.


New Orleans Mayor candidate Bagneris blasts Sewage and Water Board, NOPD management

Specifically the SWB has come under fire literally after a major flooding event in New Olreans over which the SWB is in charge of water management.

Here is that statement from Bagneris who ran against current Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

As a resident, I'm angry and embarrassed by the headlines in today's newspapers about questionable management practices at two of our most important bodies, the SWB and the NOPD...from failure to address neighborhood rude phone responses when residents called about reports about failure to hire a competent police recruiter...all call into question a long-standing problem about the city's overall ability to hire and manage competent directors, engineers and supervisors. Public safety and security should never be sacrificed because it is too politically expedient to ignore tough management issues, such as long-standing, out-dated operational and structural rules which keep our public agencies from hiring competent men and women. I have strong management skills, as demonstrated by my history as Chief Judge at the Civil District Courts, the management of my law practice and my long-standing public service. I'm ready to take this on, with all the state and local challenges it may entail. We should not only have pride in living in New Orleans, but in working here for its improvement and growth. 


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