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Cowardly attack vs. Charbonnet in New Orleans Mayor race, but she's deep with campaign dough Featured

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troy henryThe dirty attack ads and websites that define most political races are off and running in the race for New Orleans Mayor.  In an age of SuperPacs with unknown donors, we're now seeing cowardly anti-candidate sites showing up in political cyberspace without any identifiers as to who funded, built, created or responsible for the domain and sites itself.

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A new one called has gone up and this one hits the leading candidate, former Judge Desiree Charbonnet. The site indicates that it will be broken up in chapters, with the first one stating, “Tales of Cronyism, Corruption and Sweetheart Deals by the Queen of Patronage”.  The site claims that Charbonnet hired former US Congressman Bill Jefferson’s niece.

However, despite the obvious cowardly hit by the unnamed attack-site, Charbonnet is in a good place, money-wise. According to WWL-TV, she has $645,012.61 cash on hand, Frank Scurlock, who has funded virtually all of his campaign claiming $570,000 available.  Current New Orleans City Councilwoman has $182,606.76 funds on hand and former mayoral candidate, Judge Michael Bagneris $180,204.15.

Charbonnet can claim a win this week with her picking up the endorsement of the New Orleans Teacher's Union. 

And, now the New Orleans Mayor's Race Issue

Local political reporter Christopher Tidmore, and Hy McEnery interviewed three of the frontrunning candidates for New Orleans Mayor on their WRNO&WSLA radio show. They asked Desiree Charbonnet, Troy Henry, and Michael Bagneris the same 13 question. Here is the link

The New Orleans Tribune also recently interviewed Bagneris, Charbonnet and Scurlock

Also, Radio Talk show host Eric Asher interviewed Bagneris today.  Here is the clip 


More Buzz on the New Orleans Mayor's Race? Click here

The issue of the Confederate monuments certainly has been an issue in New Orleans politics with Mayor Mitch Landrieu being the front person. Bayoubuzz has recently published an op-ed of a fellow St. Augustine grad of Judge Bagneris who has taken issue with the Judge;s position on the issue.

OPED: Bagneris 's New Orleans Mayor run ignores Confederate symbols hurt

Tell us below:

Who is your favorite New Orleans Mayoral candidate of the major contenders? Bagneris, Charbonnet, Cantrell, Scurlock or Henry?


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