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Money makes New Orleans Mayor's election go around with Super PACS, trash site, mailer Featured

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SUPERPAC MAYOR“Money makes the elections go around, the elections go around, the elections go around.”

In today’s political world and in this case, the New Orleans Mayor’s race, money tells us much about who might be in the runoff, post-election day.  Desiree Charbonnet, has a major advantage right now in terms of cash-on-hand compared to all other candidates.  She leads with a 3 to 1 advantage over her next top-tier opponent, LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans City Councilwoman.


However those numbers don’t tell us the entire story. Far from.

In today’s day of online politics, shady websites, and Super PACS, what one doesn’t know is until perhaps too late—whose money is behind whom.

For instance, as Bayoubuzz discussed yesterday, a hit-website called went up slamming Charbonnet.  Who’s behind the website and mailers? Apparently, a Super PAC, which identity we now know PAC I.E. Only PAC.

According to NOLA, the SuperPAC is “a firm based in Shreveport, and Amanda Maloy, a Baton Rouge-based lobbyist. Maloy said she serves as firm treasurer, only handles financials for the group and is not authorized to comment on who is behind the group.

One of the faces on the tube lately who is making a good media run is third-time Mayoral candidate Troy Henry. As the Advocate reports, his investment in the election is minimal.  A meager $25,000 plus, “chump-change” foray—maybe enough to win a sheriff’s race in Mayberry USA, but not for the New Orleans’s Mayor’s election.  His TV appearances apparently are well funded. As the Advocate points out, “Louisiana Common Sense Fund, which paid for television ads for him that have been running in recent weeks. It’s unclear who is behind the committee, which will not have to disclose its donors or spending until about 10 days before the primary.”

Hidden money and nefarious anonymous mailers and flyers are not new to politics, particularly New Orleans elections.  So far, the anti-Charbonnet website is getting eyeballs and media traction, but, so far, it is relatively mild in being inflammatory.  The Charbonnet campaign disputes the claims being made and raises the point why it should not be considered credible.

"This group formed perfectly timed as not to have to disclose who they are or where they are getting money until very late in the campaign, it's designed to be a secret, where if they really stood behind the charges they should come out and own it the way a campaign has, too," said Kevin Stuart, campaign spokesperson for Charbonnet.

By comparison, perhaps one of the most destructive of all campaign stunts was those that occurred during the Marc Morial-Donald Mintz 1994 election, which pitted a black man vs. a Jewish man and which racial and religious slurs were made, dividing two communities that were traditional allies.  

The difference between then and now is the Internet and Super PACS. Back then, flyers cost money to circulate, the more the circulation, the more the money needed to produce.  Online? What does it cost to put up a website and promote?

Not much.]

Other New Orleans Mayor’s Race news and Tweets

The confederate statues are still an issue.  According to, the contribution that Frank Stewart and his wife made to Michael Bagneris has been returned. Stewart has been a prominent figure in the confederate statue discussion as he has taken out full page ads.  He advocates a public referendum.

"I would look to develop a program to incentivize homeowners who are capturing stormwater to lower their bills." #voteLaToya #LaToyaforNOLA

Charbonnet has a new commercial which focuses upon innovation.  She is seen speaking in front of an audience in a dark auditorium, the members of the audience nodding with approval.  In the ad, she claims that, “if Uber and Lyft can get us a car in a few minutes, I want police to do the same”.

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