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Might Confederate Monuments rise again to influence New Orleans Mayor's race?

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BagnerisCampaignMight the Confederates forces be rising again this New Orleans elections—which is tomorrow?


New Orleans, courtesy of its mayor, Mitch Landrieu, has been divided over the issue of the confederate monuments and while the current Mayor is not on the ballot, the issue will be on the streets.  Perhaps Bigly.

According to Christopher Tidmore, political writer and radio talk show host, none other than multi-millionaire Frank Stewart and others are putting money out on the streets tomorrow, election day, to help get out the vote on behalf of preserving the confederate monuments that were removed earlier this year.

The likely beneficiary is Michael Bagneris, former Civil District Court Judge, whose position on the issue has been that he is for a city-wide referendum on the quite controversial Confederate Monument issue that has rocked the city and now other communities in the United States.

Stewart, in the past has taken out full pages of the daily newspaper to promote his opinion on the confederate monument controversy.

Here is interview with Christopher Tidmore conducted earlier today as part of a Facebook Live discussion. Below is the initial segment of the interview dealing with this topic.

To hear more of the interview beyond this segment, click on the video at around the 1 minute mark.


Frank Stewart -- he personally is putting just under $5,000, it may have actually increase. His argument was he thought the law said that if you put less than $5,000 you didn't have to report it although he opened and said he was doing it. It's actually five hundred dollars so he actually turned around and said since I'm reporting it--I'll spend more. And what he's done is about fifteen thousand door hangers--but he--and this is a part that hasn't been reported--Frank Stewart's not the only one who's doing this. A lot of the Circle of the Monumental Task committee are personally paying for get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of Michael Bagneris. Very actively. And so he's got a funded ground game for election day that you wouldn't reason, looking at his campaign bank account--and if this is a moderate turnout to a high turnout race--yeah have some effect, but not that much when it's this lower turnout is important.


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