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earth billion 3by Ron Chapman

The world is undergoing tremendous changes today and a lot of elements are bringing about this transition. The workplace especially reflects this change.   Here change is a constant, but never occurring so quickly or devastating as today. 

Before the Industrial Revolution, the world was populated by craftsman.   Individuals who manufactured products entirely with their own hands applying years of knowledge, training, and talent.  It began with the Medieval Guild system where young men entered the work place as Journeymen, then struggled to become Apprentices, before finally being accepted into the ranks of a Master Craftsman. 

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like netby Stephen Waguespack, President, CEO of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

Many of us watched with interest this week as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endured hours in the Congressional hot seat, stoically defending his company‚Äôs consumer privacy protocols in the face of mounting allegations of data mismanagement. While his testimony was fairly vanilla, the real action was with the barrage of pointed questions thrown his way from various members of Congress. In fact, it was somewhat ironic this week to see Facebook feeds dominated with scrutiny of Facebook itself.  For instance, a picture of Zuckerberg sitting on a bumper seat to prop himself up while testifying became even more popular on the social media platform than vacation photos and food pictures for a day or two.

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kennedy faceOn Sunday, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, now, a regular face on national talk shows, did some Face the Nation face-time, discussing matters of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the EPA's Scott Pruitt.

Kennedy who has garnered a tremendous amount of national media coverage considering he is now entering into his second year as a US Senator, responded to questions on both issues. Part of the "Kennedy attraction" might be his penchant for folksy phrases and plain-talking-- such as the kind he used Sunday. on the CBS morning talk show. For instance, in describing the attorney for Facebook who appeared in front of the Senate in the past, Kennedy said the attorney, "Could talk a dog off a meat wagon".

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