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One day until New Orleans Mayor's Race elections, turnout is critical

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tidmore homeThe first phase of the New Orleans elections and particularly the New Orleans Mayor's race will be decided tomorrow as voters go to the polls. The ultimate question at ths point is--who's going to make the runoff in the Mayor's race?

 Today, during an online video Facebook Live interview, Christopher Tidmore, political writer and talk show host talked about the race. Here are some of his observations. Above all others, voter turnout is expected to be horrible in the city and state, so every vote counts and it will be turnout that matters the most.

It is extremely tight, and this is one of those situations where it's not that I don't trust the polls, it's that we have such a low turnout election, such a motivated electorate, that I still stand by what I told you a little over two weeks ago, which is the fact that we really don't know for sure who's going to be in the runoff.

I will make one addendum to that--I actually think Cantrell is rallying. If she had had gone through a weak, a weak point, at one point, and now I believe that the endorsements that she's received from the major publications and all that is solidifying some of her neighborhood support that might have been wavering.

We don't know if it will-- the real question that goes for Cantrell at this point is for her Neighborhood Association presidents that have known her since Broadmoor--will that be able to get their membership out for her-- if so, she's guaranteed a runoff spot.

As for Bagnarus and Charbonnet--Charbonnet has spent the most money, has the most endorsements across the board, but it's sort of a mile wide and inch deep. It will be very successful for her or it will have no impact. I'm not sure. 

Bagnaris has been getting some very key endorsement lately. The Police Association of New Orleans endorsement and the Alliance for Good Government are more of first among equals endorsements, next to the print publications that probably beyond them. They carry the most weight.

Want to learn more? Watch the entire segment. The rest of this part of the interview starts at roughly the 1:36 spot.


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