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Mia Bagneris out of ICU, expected to live, outcome uncertain

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The following is an update of the medical condition of Mia Bagneris, the daughter of Judge Michael Bagneris, a recent candidate for New Orleans Mayor. Ms. Bagneris was struck by a driver as she was getting out of her car after the Election night party. The update is from his public relations person, Cheron Brylski.

As you know, Mia Bagneris was struck by a drunk driver in front of her house, coming home from her dad’s post election party.  

Her injuries were life threatening for several days, but she received excellent care and did extremely well after five surgeries. She was moved to a private room at University Hospital earlier this week.  Many thanks to Dr. Leron Finger who monitored the medical team and has walked Mia’s family through everything. She had a minor set back this week when one of her operative sites became infected but again...she bounces back from the operations and keeps fighting!

Despite several surgeries, Mia is expected to live, but her recovery outcomes are unclear.  Luckily there was no spinal damage, so she is expected to walk again.  We just don’t know what her long term physical ability.  In the short term Mia’s family will need help with cooking, shopping, cleaning, and whatever else comes up while they take care of their wife, daughter and mother. 

As soon as we heard about the accident, Aleeza Adelman and I set up a go fund me sight and started raising money for her.  We came up with $60k as a number we thought would cover many of the day to day challenges they are likely to face.  The money will go Mia and her family to use however they like.  

To date we have raised about $40k through GoFundMe and private checks, which we deliver weekly.  If you would like to contribute, please visit our site:

Or mail a check made out to Mia Bagneris to:

Eli Feinstein

6047 Hurst Street

New Orleans, LA


Thank you,

Eli Feinstein

M: 347.409.0720

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