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In House, ex-foe, Richmond, honors New Orleans Mayor-elect, LaToya Cantrell

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In the world of politics, yesterday's competitor is today's friend.  Today Cedric Richmond, Congressman from the 2nd Congressional District, which includes New Orleans, addressed the House regarding the 300th anniversary of the city and the significant election of the first female to be mayor of that city.

Only a few weeks ago, Cedric was on the other side of the mayoral contest, supporting her opponent, Desiree Charbonnet.  the tricentennial begins January 1, 2018 although the city is already beginning some of the ceremonies.

Here are the comments by Richmond to the House Speaker:


Mr. Sepaker, I rise today with extreme joy and excitement. My hometown, which is New Orleans, a part of my congressional district, next year, we celebrate our 300th anniversary. and leading us into our 300th anniversary, over the years, you know we were under French control, we were under Spanish control, we were back under French control and then we had the Louisiana Purchase, but as we walk into our 300th year, we have elected and we will be under the control of a female mayor for the first time in New Orleans history and that female is LaToya Cantrell.  She is a community activist, she is very focused on the future and I just want to congratulate LaToya in being elected to be Mayor of the City of New Orleans and just to ensure the people of New Orleans that we are going to go forward in our 300th year together and to continue to improve the greatest city in the world and that is New Orleans Louisiana. We that Mr. Speaker, I once again congratulate LaToya Cantrell and her election the mayor of the City of New Orleans and i yield back the remainder of my time 


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