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New Orleans Saints, not the same team that beat Carolina Panthers twice

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saints panthersAre the New Orleans Saints,, playing in the raucous Mercedes Benz Superbowl, ready for Carolina Panthers tomorrow in the NFC playoff game? 

According to radio and TV talk show host Eric Asher, the Saints have a good chance of winning their first playoff game since 2013. After all, they have played and beat the Panthers twice this year and they are playing at home. However, they just came off a losing performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they are hurt.

Asher discussed the upccming game this afternoon during an online video conference discussion streamed on Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitter and other locations.

Below are a few of his comments from the beginning of the show..

You can watch the entire program below:

 I mean again huge game for the Saints or the Panthers. The Saints didn't believe that they would have again finishing with up with 11 wins and of course winning the NFC South to really great things for franchises going for the Last 5 Years at 7 and 9 and fact you got this game in the dome is obviously huge.   

Having to play the Panthers 3 times beating already twice in the season interesting to see how this plays out tomorrow because the Saints are a different team then when they beat them the first two times. Quite frankly, because of the injuries they have on the defensive side of the ball.  

For the Saints, the Saints again their defense really came alive this season-- ranked 17th overall in the NFL and that was something that a lot of us that have covered this team that have followed this team, have said, man, they could just get a good defense, they would be in the middle of the pack with the great offense that they have that they would be Super Bowl champions--well, the offense was second in the league this year the defense, right there in the middle--one of the top teams in terms of takeaways--that's been a big part of the emergence of this defense but it's a young defense, you've got a lot of players that they're in their first second or third years on this defense, unfortunately what's happening in the latter part of the season, you have 11 players that have played prominent roles of his defense whether they say it's been either a starters or guys and played a significant role as back up that are now on injured reserve.  Over the last few weeks player personnel director for the Saints have had to out and get seven players off the practice squad or off the street they would come in and play really significant roles on the defensive side of the ball. 

And you know that's one of the things that kind of give you a little bit of pause, AJ Klein, Kenny Vaccaro, Okafor--all out, I mean that's the first, second, third level of the defense--you had to bring to bring guys in off the street that have again he's been cut by teams have been out there trying out every Tuesday--and you know those guys have played pretty well over the last few weeks.  Things kind of change we get to the playoffs, the tempo is higher, the speed of the game is higher,  you've got a lot of guys on this team that have never experienced the playoffs before so we can see how that plays out.  On the flip, the Carolina Panthers are healthy, they're fairly healthy team and and for the most part again when you look at experience factor-- they're are one of the most, they are the most experienced teams in the playoffs in terms of having players on their team that have been to the Superbowl or at least, who have been in a playoff situation.



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