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Chris Champagne, aka, Numa's "News with The Pist" takes on Bezos, Nola crime, S&WB

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For those folks who believe New Orleans got cheated when it failed to make Amazon's major expansion cut, who want a few tips how to escape being murdered as you walk the friendly streets of the Big Easy orwho can't take any more of the now infamous Sewage and Water Board--there's a perfect show for you for solace. It's this weekend. It's called, "News with The Pist".

This latest standup comedy show written and performed by local comedian Christian Champagne, who has achieved recognition as the best comedian in the Gambit annual award, is composed of these segments plus more. All of them will be performed in the guise of that yat, the the one and only, Numa "I know where you got your shoes" Shexnaidre, a local favorite who has brought down the house numerous times over the years. 

Numa, sorry, Chris, joined me today during a Facebook-Twitter Live discussion to highlight his show.  Here is a short tease segment of the interview:  


This particular show, we're gonna be covering Sewerage and Water Board, crime in New Orleans, how in the world goes about fighting crime, and I'm also gonna be talking to Jeff Bezos on the phone to try to get him to reconsider, to move his uh his new Amazon facilities to New Orleans, because we didn't make the, we didn't make the cut. I think he's making a big mistake because I mean he's not gonna find unique place like this where we have a convicted felon is our coroner, where we had a twice twice-debarred attorney on our city council--stuff like that. It's really unique culture that we have down here, especially politically. And I also have a show, I also have thing in my in my live shows called "wait wait don't shoot me" which is a game show the New Orleans game that tries to explain the unexplainable to the world the Louisiana government. There are no right answers it's called a Louisiana education model and everybody wins I throw prizes to the crowd like seals at the zoo or a Mardi Gras parade.

I tried I tried to get a title for the shows that will catch people's attention and one of the ways to do that is to name it after a public official--like the Nagin going-away party, I did with  the great Philip Melancon, doing music.  By the way before I forget there's also a musical element of the show I have musical guest and the musical guest will be the great Kelsey Mae, who's one of the great singer- songwriters that's a located in the world. She's fabulous and she's done several shows with me and I get nothing but great compliments about her, so that that's also part of the show.  

Another way to to get people's attention is to maybe do a play on words for the titles, like the "Beast of Southern Denial" was a previous show that I did.  This one, there's a show  called News with the Twist on WGNO which is a news show, that's done in a kind of a casual way, so I just came up with the play on words, News with The Pist and actually when people see the name I do get a reaction from them, so I think it's it's worth in that sense, that people take notice of it when they see it and want to know what it is.

I do the whole shows in the guise of Numa, We have  the Sewage and Water Board  piece is an audio book called Sewerage and Waterboarding by Numa "I know where you got them shoes Schexneider" read by the author.  And I have 12 chapters in two parts about the sewerage and water board and the, "wait wait don't shoot me" segment of the game show segment of my show, it gives me an opportunity to change some of the content of the show from week to week to month to month to keep up with current events, like I'm gonna cover our new mayor, at least in half of the questions in a "wait wait don't shoot me" segment--because that's topical. And also she's just she's only been in like I think it's a month to the day, today, I think May 7th was the inauguration, so I mean I want to give her a chance to have a body of work before I start to make fun of her, but she's kind of-- she's come out to going pretty strong.

Now that you've gotten a taste of the pist, you'll surely want to attend tomorrow night to watch Chris Champagne's latest.  So, here's what you need to do: Tomorrow (Friday night), June 8th, just make sure you get you and your friends into the building at 3401 North Hullen in Metairie. If you're at Cello's, you know you're in the right place. Starting time is 8pm. You can order dinner or starve, your call. Admission is only $15.00 and you can RSVP by calling 504-330-9117.




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