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Monday, 28 August 2017 20:21

Floods of Katrina memories, issues do Trump as Harvey's horrors flow Featured

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katrina FLOOD 4Tomorrow is the Katrina Anniversary Year 12.

It is so frightening and horrifying to see that Houston and the State of Texas, the communities that cared for so many New Orleans citizens, twelve years ago, are now facing the same or very similar problems we then confronted.

 Watching videos of elderly women and men being helped into flatboats, young and old walking in the flood soup, signs of looting, discussions about the proper role of the President of the United States, disputes between the Mayor and the Governor—brings back so many memories, so many heart breaks.

There is a cry on the Internet as there usually is—during tragedy, don’t discuss politics or issues now.  Not now!  True, some things are better said unsaid.  However, there are times when these issues must be discussed because of the impact upon our lives.  The sensitivities of the moment should be recognized and matters discussed with that in mind.

So, trying to walk that delicate line, here are some of the questions I have, as we attempt to figure out which way the rain will be flowing, the next few days:

Since illegal immigrants are said to have played such a useful role in helping to build New Orleans, how will the country now approach that very touchy topic, should Texas and Louisiana need workers to do the types of labor that so many rejected during Katrina?

Discuss Hurricane Katrina, Harvey's similarities below

With the budget now exploding due to the need to help millions of people suffering from such a massive event, what happens to the Mexican Wall?  Trump wanted 2.6 billion for his wall, Texas in particular and perhaps Louisiana will needs billions.  Also, let us not forget North Korea, the promised massive military buildup, Afghanistan and all of the hot spots around the world?

Will President have the political influence he will need as he faces one of the worst crises befalling any US President.  Top leaders of his party have spoken out against him on the recent pardon of Sheriff Arpaio. Today, more articles about Russia have broken claiming that during the presidential campaign, his company was seeking a major real estate deal in Russia. Twelve years ago, Bush was on top of the world and Katrina started his rapid decline.  At a moment when he and this country needs solid support for a very strong leader, some might believe the current president has no margin of error for mistakes.

What will be the legislative and administrative role of climate change as it relates to events such as Harvey?  It has been reported that only a couple of weeks ago, in an article today, “TRUMP RESCINDED OBAMA'S FLOOD-RISK RULE WEEKS BEFORE HURRICANE HARVEY HIT”.  The Obama rules were intended to ensure that federal projects took climate change in consideration. The new President wanted to speed up the construction process, thus, the rescission of those rules.  Without discussing the merits of the rules or the President’s decisions, what happens now?

We have been told by the new FEMA administrator that his organization would be involved with this current disaster for years to come.  For many of us living here who suffered the indignities of those blue FEMA roof tarps, the FEMA trailers, the raising of the homes, the disruptions of our lives, the disoriented businesses and families, we know what that is all about. 

Sometimes the world changes suddenly and everybody is impacted like never anticipated nor ever desired.

Sometimes topics and issues that seemed so critical yesterday are irrelevant today.

While a tragic event such as Harvey, Katrina and Rita come and quickly go (although some, like the current storm stays around for a little longer), the destruction they bring to those directly touched are so disruptive, the impact upon the country’s future, so massive.

Our hearts go out to all of those directly or tangentially touched by this horrid act of nature.   Experience has taught us often that even during those moments shrouded by heavy clouds, there are others standing lost in the dark.  And the wet.

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