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Pinsonat: Louisiana Treasurer Race polls; Angele Davis's Trump shock and awe Featured

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angelle davisYesterday, this site asked if anybody knows that Louisiana is in the middle of a Treasurer’s race.  In part one of an ongoing interview with Southern Media and Opinion Research, its President Bernie Pinsonat said for various reasons he finds it difficult to believe any of the polls so far.


In general, there are four candidates who have chances to be in the runoff, three Republicans and one Democrat. The three republicans are Neil Riser, John Schroder, Angele Davis. The sole Democrat with any chance is Derrick Edwards.

So, with the election, roughly one month away, the question is, who’s winning?  Are there any polls out there that we can point to that might give us insight as to the current horse race.  Here’s Pinsonat’s comments, in part two of the Bayoubuzz Facebook Live interview:

PINSONAT: You really, it doesn't matter about a poll because nobody knows these (candidates). Like I said I will say this it's an important race because to the last three treasurers ended up in the United States Senate.  But in East Baton Rouge Parish, my friends and people I'm having lunch with today-- if I ask him who's running, I don't know,  maybe this even with the street signs and the yard signs on all that stuff, except on a few street corners, there's just nobody's paying attention to the race.

I won't be able to say that maybe ten days from the election but as of today, it's literally nobody is thinking about it or showing any interest in it as of today.  So how would a poll show, tell me anything when there's no interest and nobody's really focused on this race-- so any poll showing me, anyone has 20% I don't believe it.  And if you're all at about eight or nine percent what does that you?

It takes six, seven hundred thousand dollars to get just barely known statewide with the what with  it costs for television--so unless you've saturated television, for part of the last three or four weeks with major buys, you're just not that well-known and the polls are not going to pick up unless we call it all of your supporters.  We'd have to almost call everyone in St. Tammany for Schroeder and everybody up along the River Parishes or Riser and then you'd have to call just East Baton Rouge Parish for Angele--so and it doesn't mean any of aren't gonna be in the runoff, it just means that at this point time, there's no poles going to show correctly who's going to be in the runoff. Nobody knows who they are.

BAYOUBUZZ: I've seen a couple commercials not not too many, one that that I saw it really struck me and that that was an Angele Davis's commercial

PINSONAT: Oh yeah she's done the Roy, I think Ron Fletcher is doing her--and he's saying look-- it's it's shock and awe-- they don't have a lot of money, this isn't a big money race for any of the candidates, so how do you get on Angele Davis with not a lot of money nobody knows her, so you say something that you think will stick in the public's mind if you can associate her with Trump, versus the other candidates and, people since this is a really a  Republican type turnout, that's probably her best shot .  If you like Trump and she's using his name will it cause you to vote for her? I'm sure that Fletcher's gambling that that would be the case--so I certainly would agree that with his little money as these people have you better find something that gets the public attention then it causes them to remember you, because you, don't have you don't have two million dollars to get well-known on television.

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