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Wednesday, 27 November 2019 09:20

Jim Brown shares life expereinces in his "My Louisiana Odyssey" book

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Jim Brown.

He has worn plenty of hats. He's a former Louisiana State Senator, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner,. He ran for Louisiana governor and along with Edwin Edwards, Billy Tauzin, Bob Livingston and others who all were beaten by a little-known Congressman, Buddy Roemer. He is an attorney, columnist, publisher, husband, father and grandfather. He's also a story-teller.


Jim Brown has a quite a few of those remembrances which he shares with all of us. At 80 years old, he wants his grandchildren to know who he is, what he has experienced, what he has accomplished and why he believes Louisiana is so special. His memory of past political institutions and those who have led them is as vivid as if he was living them today. 

Today, the Bayoubuzz columnist and fellow video blogger, Brown and I discussed his personal travails and life travels which he has put into his new book, My Louisiana Odyssey.

Below is the transcript of our Facebook Live conversation about his book, My Louisiana Odyssey and the relevant video segment.

Obviously, I had some inside stories to tell about governors that I work with, I work with so many governors. My book is called My Louisiana Odyssey. And it's kind of it's kind of a twofer. Steve cuz I couldn't decide on the on the cover. So my wife like the black and white cover, and most of my folks who edited the book like the the cover cover, so we put both covers up so so a very unique and having one book with two different covers. And you'll find the both of my website at JimBrown;LA.COM. And I try to tell you, a lot of people have memoirs, and then I wrote the book for my seven grandchildren. I wanted to know, as they grew older, maybe I wasn't around that. They had a pretty interesting grandfather lived a pretty interesting life and that's who I dedicated my book to. But I tried to tell things that aren't in the public, of things that a lot of people haven't heard--insider stuff about the governors of the state.

 I was very close to Governor Jimmy Davis. Now a lot of your viewers may have vaguely heard of Jimmy Davis, but the thing they have heard about it is that that he wrote the song this the most recognizable American song all over the world, that "You are my Sunshine". And I talked about my relationship with Governor Davis who spent a lot of time coming by my office happened to be right on his route of coming back and forth the Baton Rouge I was just coffee break and back bathroom stop. And I told a very personal story about him singing You Are My Sunshine to me. And so interesting things that most people have not heard. I talked about governor Edwin Edwards. I had a not a love -hate relationship but but a working relationship

. I wasn't a personal insider or friend, but we were political allies. And I've talked about some of those relationships. And I've talked right on up to current governor state. So it's a memoir about my life and things I thought that people would be interested in not where I went to third grade or who my teacher was, but things that they could relate to.

 Again, it's called my Louisiana Odyssey. And the best way to find it is just go to my website, Jim Brownla com, and all my books are up there and I published a lot of other books for other people. You got a book in you, you should contact me, Edwin Edwards, the governor of Louisiana is probably the best selling book by Louisiana author in the history of the state, selling about 140,000 copies. So a lot of that is on the website and things I talked about my book, it's been fun. I'm going to enjoy the Christmas holiday, Stephen, January, February, I'm booked up already, probably three nights and three days a week and give these speeches throughout the stage. Talk to your rotary clubs, talking to book clubs about my book, so it's gonna be a fun spring to kind of get around the state. See what people were thinking and read touch base with a lot of old friends.

Just out of curiosity, who is your favorite governor?

Well, it's hard to say the favorite up I guess the governor that probably took me under her wing. The two governors took me under her wing were when I first got into start in early life encouraged me to run for public office for both Jenny Davis and john McKeithen. I was McKeithen. State Senator up where I lived up in the rural area of North Louisiana Feriday and so Mckeithen took a personal interest in me encouraged me to run for the legislature, to run for governor, as did Jimmy Davis. So I guess as far as the personal relationships, those two would be the, the the most not favorite, but the ones that have a lot of influence that I was very close to. And Edwards like I say, I ran against him for guv, for governor. We remained friends. We had some highs and lows together and I talked about some interesting things that most people don't No, he seriously considered running for president. And I talked to him about that. And I talked about all that in my book. I also said, Steve, the three worst plane flights I ever had in my life. I've been on a number of private planes all over the state all over the country was the guy flying the plane was governor Edwin Edwards and in one instance the door flew off the airplane, the door just flew off and he's flying the plane. Were about 1000 feet and I was given my final Hail Marys, you know, and as we were getting close to landing so I talked about that turned out to be a funny incident, quite frankly, if you can think of the door flying off the plane is a funny incident. But things like that in the book and I talked about how governors need to get involved in a number of issues. Mike Foster and I were good friends. We've got very involved in insurance issues helped me lower insurance rates. We've got the highest insurance race in America right now. So disappointing. When I was there. We were about in the middle where we should have been and Mike Foster helped me do that as governor. So, and I talked about Bobby jindal. I didn't say anything about John Bel Edwards because although I know the governor vaguely, I haven't had the relationship with him I had with other governors, And so in any event. I just want to lay it all out to kind of get my sinc on history, if you will, as a memoir, not an autobiography, not telling my life story. But things that I thought would be interesting in terms of where the state is come from, and where it's going in the future is my fifth book. At 80 I don't know if I have a sixth book in me or not, Steve, but it's been a real treat to write this one.

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