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New Orleans Mayor’s race, NOLA elections impact Louisiana Treasurer’s race? Featured

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treasurer mayorHow might  the New Orleans elections, particularly, the New Orleans Mayor’s race impact the upcoming Louisiana Treasurer’s race, with the elections being held the same day?

This is a question I asked Southern Media and Opinion Research’s President, pollster and political analyst Bernie Pinsonat earlier this week during a Facebook Live video discussion.


New Orleans Mayor’s race, New Orleans elections, Louisiana Treasurer’s race

There are wide open seats for New Orleans Mayor, for various City Council races and for the position of Louisiana Treasurer. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is serving out his second and final term in that spot, and four candidates have opportunities at this time to be in the runoff. 

The top candidates for Treasurer are three Republicans, Senator Neil Riser, Louisiana House of Representative John Schroder and former Jindal Commissioner of Administration Angele Davis. The top Democrat is Derrick Edwards who has not received the support of the Democratic Party which raises the question whether the only role Edwards might make in the Treasurer’s race is winning a seat for the runoffs, therefore denying one of the other two Republican contenders, in a raw Red State, to compete with the other for the state seat, previously occupied by current US Senator John Kennedy.

So, what say Pinsonat?

Below is the transcript of this segment of the interview:

PINSONAT: If you're running for Treasurer you look at where our people are going to vote in big numbers and you go there and you try to you know if you can do well in New Orleans and you can capture the majority of whatever both there is down there then it certainly is a huge advantage over your opponents and I know that Riser's has been in New Orleans pretty good bit getting endorsements and he's not from there but he's apparently spent some time and has been rewarded with some decent endorsements--will they actually go vote for him--you know, question is --he's a Republican going into Democratic parish with based mainly Democratic voters and there is a Democrat running--so you know can he make headway in New Orleans?  That's a big IF.   We don't normally see Democrats voting for a white Republican when there is a and there is a Democrat opposing him so that'll be interesting.  Did Riser waste a lot of time or is he gonna or Democrats going to start looking for a Republican who they think in winning--going with him or her?  So that's one of the things that will be interesting it will come out of this race will somebody come in that well kind of Republican go into New Orleans and get a decent amount of black votes--something and if they do  it'll affect the outcome.

BAYOUBUZZ: Especially a Republican from North Louisiana

PINSONAT: Yea, that's that's what one of the the interesting issues related to the campaigns that's taking place--we're seeing, the Governor's race, you saw that but you had only one Democrat, you had a Democrat who was was decently financed, you had a Democrat who had been a legislator, he was he was well known in the black community, spent a lot of time there and no Republican was going to take he you know any amount of a decent amount of votes out of New Orleans as a Republican.  This time it's different we don't have a role we don't have a Democrat running with statewide credentials, statewide money so it's it's a that's why you see the Republicans in there seeing if they can take advantage of that, in the absence of a white Democrat with a lot of money or any Democrat and they take votes away.  It generally doesn't happen so being interesting see if any of these Republicans get a decent amount of black vote any place in the state matter of fact.

BAYOUBUZZ: So it's really odd for the Democrat I mean the Democratic Party didn't really field a a competitive well known candidate--Derrick Edwards who is the Democratic leading Democratic candidate ran for US Senate and and I guess cut his political teeth there-- but you know nobody really knows him yet.  He's leading at least from what I can gather he's leading in in the poll that I've seen.   But he's only raised I'm going to say about $2,000.

PINSONAT: Well he's the only Democrat and the question is, does that--he ran in the United States Senate--so he's not totally unknown--didn't he run the United States…

Yeah that's what I'm saying but he has a little name recognition, the voters in New Orleans knowing he's known in the ballot before, but as far as Democrats running statewide you know Foster Campbell kind of settle that question, with the exception of Republicans beating each other, what what election have Democrats won statewide where they feel that a candidate they ran a race and they had a chance? 

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