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Louisiana Treasurer's Race: it's Edwards vs. Riser, Davis or Schroder and No Doze Featured

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no doze louisiana treasurer raceWake up everybody!! Tomorrow is the Louisiana Treasurer's Race. On the ballot are Derrick Edwards, Angele Neil Riser and John Schroder--the former, a Democrat, the latter three, Republicans.

However, based upon the statewide turnout projects, it's going to be a real snoozer as in very low turnout.  If ever a time for No Doze.

 But, because of the composition of the race and the probable low turnout, turnout could be critical.

Even if nobody seems to care.

Which was a point made today by Christopher Tidmore as he engaged in a Facebook LIVE Video.  Tidmore is a local political writer and has a radio talk show on Sundays.

The Louisiana Treasurer's race is competition for a seat that traditionally been a spring board to greater governmental office. the most immediate past Treasurer, John Kennedy is now US Senator. Former Democratic Treasurer, Mary Landrieu, became long-time US Senator, until she was defeated recently in a race against Bill Cassidy and Rob Manesss, Both Republicans.

State turnout is expected to be roughly 15 percent.

Below is this segment of the interview with Tidmore and also the video: 

 TIDMORE: What would you do if you had a statewide election and nobody showed up? 

 TIDMORE: Kind of feels like in the treasurer's race--I will tell you that you I have no idea who the Republican in the runoff is going to be, polling seems to suggest on Angele Davis some of them task her vast experience with Bobby Jindal having affected her. 

TIDMORE; Neal Riser has made a major effort--North Louisiana Legislature to get on every african-american political organization ballot and he has succeeded most of the time over the Democrat in the race Derek Edward-- who is very inspiring personal story--paraplegic, became an attorney and is pretty qualified for the office--Edwards doesn't have the money that others do but--just looking at history I believe that he's got enough support to be able to make a runof. 

SABLUDOWSKY: So who's going to be there with ? 

TIDMORE: Well that's what everybody's fighting.  Angela Davis who is effectively a moderate in the Jay Dardenne tradition running TV commercials like she's Mrs. Trump and you've fot Riser on black political organizations, who's a right-wing function, and with Schroder with actually a really funny commercial aboutthe budget and all these people partying in the vaults and taking their money--which has nothing to do with what the treasurer actually does. 

TIDMORE: The treasurer sells bonds on Wall Street he has no control, no influence, no voice on the state budget but--if it worked for John Kennedy it could work for somebody else 

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