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Trump influence, and who'll be the last white Louisiana Democratic legislator?

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Who will be the last white Democratic legislator in Louisiana?

The past decade and now in the age of Trump-dominance, is it possible that the Louisiana might not have any more white legislators?

Perhaps it is far-fetched, but, in my FACEBOOK LIVE interview with Bernie Pinsonat, pollster and political analyst for Southern Media and Opinion Research, who represents various legislators, Republicans and Democrats, the way things are going right now, that type of incredible scenario might be close to a future reality.

Pinsonat is not a Republican nor Democrat. He worked for Democrat US Senator Bennett Johnston and has close relations with members of both parties.

The issue arose when I started the conversation, asking him about a poll I just heard on WWL radio in which 55 percent of the station’s callers said that Trump is less divisive than more divisive of a President.  Below is how the conversation went.

Well first of all look you can go back to Reagan it started then. As the Republicans and Democrats started becoming more focused on the party, party politics who's winning and who's losing in the bipartisan efforts that Reagan was able to get some of it--but since since the 80s and the even with Carter right before him, I've watched it, no one person is responsible, it's just the the way the American public views politics now and it's a way the parties present their their brand of politics or their brand of how to handle issues--if you're not with them then you're against them.  And they go out and tell everybody either side how horrible these policies are for the country.  They're racist, they're they hurting the poor people, they're hurting the rich,  they're killing jobs, regulating  every aspect of of all branches of government are under or being challenged by by everybody in America depending on which side of the streets you're on.  

Gee George Bush--does every people have a very sharp memory?  "He was a stupid president. He couldn't get anything done. Everything he did was horrible" and the Democrats when they you know trashed him every day.  Then you had Obama's election and the Republicans were basically the same towards Barack Obama.  So there's nothing new by Trump except that Trumps shocked, shocked everybody and the Democrats are at their wits end how to stop him from doing anything.  And they do and say anything, and Trump supporters will do and say anything that the Democrats say--so, yea--there's a divide in this country. I don't know how you can blame Trump for it.  Everybody

SABLUDOWSKY: I'm not blaming Trump, the.. no no I actually let me rephrase the question I do apologize--

 Okay so like the national polls indicate that that the president is-- I'm going to say has a divisive factor of 65 percent, 65% of Americans believe the president is dividing 35% I think of somewhere around there, think otherwise--so the question I have is Louisiana this according to the WWL poll and that's not scientific obviously, it's 55 45--so my question is really if you're a Louisiana politician and you know what's out there nationally, but you also know what's your hearing on radio etc, and in what you seeing-- How do you play into that?  If you're conservative, if you're Democrat how do you play into that to, tap into i,t that's really I guess—

PINSONAT: What you see is, you see Schroeder coming out after making in the runoff and in his quest to become the next treasurer of Louisiana he sounds Trump-like he's talking about cutting government he's got about cutting taxe,s we don't need revenue you know so whatever anyone's running for they're they're they're not totally but they're more Trump like because that's Trump got more votes in Louisiana and I think anyone who's ever run for office here.

You're seeing the Trump effect you're seeing yeah it's a continuation of Louisiana is a very red state.  I've spoken about it. I'll talk about it on this show and you. and I've discussed it.  The demise of the-- guess more and more interviews about it lately.  Literally the demise of the Democratic Party as it relates to being a major player in Louisiana.  In the Louisiana Legislature will probably have very few white Democrats left by the time the polls close these what October the 2019-- next set of elections for the legislature.  Will we still have a Democratic governor? Every, everything in Louisiana is Republican--even at the local level-- people running for school board are espousing political views they have nothing to do with being on the school board they're just a Republican they won't everyone know it and by the way the voters respond and that's why the Republicans are so dominant in Louisiana.  

PART I of the interview: Pinsonat's insider look at upcoming Louisiana Governor's Race against John Bel Edwards

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