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Will Sen. John Kennedy, a new fixture on Cable News, take on popular Governor Edwards?

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kennedy cnnIf you’ve been anywhere near a television set lately, whether in Baton Rouge or Boca Raton, you probably have watched that man with the wry grin, slow southern drawl, high-pitch voice answering questions about why he dissected the Trump judicial nominee, why he’s “fer or agin” tax reform, or  whether the Russian probe is a worthwhile endeavor.

Today, on cable TV, he discussed among other issues, whether Senator Diane Feinstein was right to release the testimony of a witness without express permission of Chairman Grassley.  

In the short time (roughly one year since being sworn into office), Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has made the media circuit as if he were a go-to guy on the national issues. Kennedy, had a knack for getting on the media’s radar shows while laboring as state treasurer but now, he’s doing it at the big tent, the US Capitol.

Yet, he’s not sure if this is how he wants to spend, presumably, the rest of his public life (or adult life), whichever might come last.

According to an AP article today, “U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, a popular statewide official only a year into his current position, said he’s considering a bid to be governor, but has no timetable for making the call.

“I’m thinking about it,” Kennedy said in an interview. “I will run if it feels right to me, if it’s something I want to do and if I can really affect some changes to make Louisiana a better place to live and raise a family, not all in that order.”

According to the report, he is not alone in possibly wanting to take on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a rare breed in these parts, a blue Democrat in a sea of Red Republican.

Which decision to run for governor could be viewed as a quick turnaround as some thought the US Senate was where he wanted to be, in the glare of the big lights and TV cameras.

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Other than possibly Steve Scalise, another Republican along with Kennedy, the Senator has the best chance of unseating Edwards, who according to the most recent SMOR poll, is faring surprisingly well, will a favorable percentage of 65 percent, compared to Kennedy’s 51 percent.  By comparison, the other Republican Louisiana Senator, Dr Bill Cassidy is scoring at a 45% figure.

Other Republicans reportedly interested in the job include Congressman Abraham, Garret Graves, LABI’s Stephen Waguespack and more.

Not that the politicos believe that Edwards, who is starting his third of a four-year term will be flying high at that polling atmosphere. A looming fiscal cliff of a billion dollars is straight ahead, in sight. Yet, Edwards has survived two years of budgetary disasters and is polling like Bobby Jindal and David Vitter once did when they were in good graces with the voting public.

Kennedy is the one to watch should he want to take on the Democrat Edwards. With a roughly fourteen-point polling shortfall, maybe he might just want to see how the governor’s favorables fan out to see just how good “if it feels right to me”, it just might be.

Especially, if it means he might be giving up those good gigs in the morning--brought to us by the likes of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.


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