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Bobby Jindal questions why Dems are doing well in GOP areas

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Jindal Meet the press Former Louisiana Governor and former Presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, Bobby Jindal has penned another oped for the Wall Street Journal, this time, writing about the somewhat ironic success that the Democratic Party is having in certain areas of which it should not be succeeding.

The column, titled, What’s the Matter With Westchester? Is better explained by its subtitle, “uburbanites vote against their economic interest to advance social liberalism”. Jindal further stated in the column that .” Democrats seem to be overperforming with traditionally Republican suburban voters”. The column begins by stating:

While the media obsesses over all things Donald Trump, the Democratic Party is fighting an intense battle over the best way to defeat him in 2020. Relatively moderate candidates beat progressive challengers in gubernatorial primaries in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, but Democratic primary voters in Vermont and Georgia selected a transgender and a female African-American nominee who have gained national attention mainly for their precedent-breaking identities. Based on special-election results, Democrats seem to be overperforming with traditionally Republican suburban voters. The question is whether they can succeed in the midterm elections by targeting the same coalition that failed to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Whereas Midwestern Democrats are fighting to regain formerly neglected white working-class voters in industrial and rural communities, many already competing for the party’s 2020 nomination apparently think the future still belongs to the “coalition of the ascendant”: millennials, minorities and socially liberal whites, especially college-educated single women. buisson ad 4 3Award-winning political media consultant Greg Buisson to present in Saturday's webinar. Learn more

In promoting the piece, Jindal also posted on twitter, “Democrats have been remarkably successful at using their media and cultural hegemony to normalize formerly radical views and to marginalize formerly dominant ones.”
In the most recent oped for the WSJ, Jindal said:

Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker both tangled with Mr. Trump, and it turned out to be political suicide. But to get a deeper answer, it’s instructive to examine what Mr. Trump hasn’t done. Since the campaign, Mr. Trump has abandoned many of his previous positions and embraced traditional conservative views.
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