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John Kennedy "all mouth but no feat"? Louisiana governor run stab launches

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Might folksy US Senator John Neely Kennedy’s greatest strength, as of lately, morph into a sore political Achilles heel?

That is apparently what Democratic political Super PAC American Bridge is shooting for as the Senator keeps us all in suspense. The mystery is whether he will jump into the campaign waters once again, this time, for Louisiana Governor.


The American Bridge Super PAC has launched its own cutesy folksy assault against Kennedy armed with a campaign ad at the moment that a political poll by Bernie Pinsonat shows that Kennedy is the front-runner in a run against Governor John Bel Edwards.

Quips by Kennedy have been the TV charm. It has been arduous to turn on one of the cable networks without seeing Kennedy’s face chatting with a talking head anchor. Which is quite impressive

media appearances, it appears his popularity has shot through the roof. In just one year, his favorables have gone up ten points.

Pinsonat in presenting his poll said:

“Whether Kennedy runs or not, 2018 has been a very good year for his political fortunes. Senator John Kennedy makes the biggest popularity gain in survey as he jumps from a 51% positive job rating last November to now 61%. Kennedy strengthened his excellent job approval ratings with all voters to 24%. His excellent job ratings with white voters are now 34% and good 42% for a positive job rating of 76%. His negative job rating was 30% with all voters. Should Kennedy decide to run for governor, his popularity and Louisiana’s strong tilt towards electing republicans – as of today, he could be considered the favorite.”

Indeed, Kennedy has come up with some whoppers in quotesville. Here are just a few from CNN and

“Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots,” Kennedy said in January.

“As best I can tell, they’re all held together with spit,” he observed of the Senate’s immigration proposal in February.

And of the Senate’s amendment process, he said last month: “I think it sucks.”

Kennedy admitted he would miss his role as Senate truth-teller should he become governor and emphasized that he‘s undecided on a run. He estimated he will make up his mind by the fall and said he’s told state Republicans interested in the job and not to wait for him.

“It’s been my experience in politics that you can try and plan it out: ‘I’m going to hit the three ball which will hit the eight ball,’” he said, shaking his head. “You’ve just got to go run and try to do everything right. And then have a little luck.”

 "I think they're making a big mistake if they start tacking on extraneous issues to the budget. We have enough trouble doing a budget by itself. We haven't had one since Moses walked the earth. It's embarrassing."

"Facebook is a great company, but it's no longer a company; it's a country. That's how powerful it is. And its behavior lately has kind of been getting into the foothills of creepy."

But will Kennedy’s cracker-barrel pith turn into a campaign "yeth", this election cycle?

Not if American Bridge has it’s way, it seems.

Here is the press-release that organization sent out Thursday which came equipped with a homespun website and arguably "horse-sense" ad.  The point of the attack is that Kennedy is all mouth but no feat.

New Ads and Website Featuring Bobby Jindal Show “Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy What to Expect if He Runs for Governor

Watch the ad here

See the new website,

American Bridge launched its first ads of the 2019 election cycle today to show Washington’s "Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy what he can expect should he decide to run for Louisiana Governor. Kennedy says he will make his decision by December 3.

The digital ads begin running today in Louisiana, including in Senator Kennedy’s hometown of Madisonville. They also feature a glowing endorsement of Kennedy from one of the most unpopular politicians in Louisiana, failed presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. The ads coincide with the launch of a new website, SenatorSoundbite.comto chronicle how in Washington, John Kennedy is focused on promoting himself, not helping Louisiana families. While he has no major legislative accomplishments to speak of, Kennedy has been very busy promoting himself on national television.

Just this year alone, Kennedy has already done over 100 media interviews  -- and the year isn’t even over. Unfortunately for Louisiana families, this is all too familiar. Louisiana suffered for eight years while Bobby Jindal traveled the country promoting his national ambitions.

  “Louisiana is climbing out of the mess Bobby Jindal left behind, but Senator Soundbite John Kennedy would be Jindal on steroids,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Senator Kennedy’s record speaks for itself: more than a hundred media interviews, no accomplishments. Recycled soundbites might get John Kennedy on television in Washington and New York City, but they don’t do a thing to help Louisianans back home.” 

Watch the ad below, and visit the new website at

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