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It's Party Time--LAGOP slam Edwards; Dems challenge Rispone, Abraham

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The Governor's race is on. It's time to party!

Which is what essentially happens every four years and every two to four years encompassing the US Senate race cycles.

The political parties make a presence in one form or another. Actually, daily.

 Today, they sent out party notices twice. The Democratic Governors Association issued an email challenge to the two Republican candidates for Louisiana Governor--Congressman Ralph Abraham and Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone. The issue? Obamacare. 

The LAGOP attempting to chissel away some of the "honor code" and "pro-ethics" veneer of the current governor, Democrat, John Bel Edwards, also its own take on the question.

Below are the two press releases, the first from the Dems and the latter from the Repubs:

Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone Must Denounce Lawsuit That Would Strip Louisianans Of Their Health Care 

Today, oral arguments begin in New Orleans for a lawsuit that could end protections for Louisianans with a pre-existing condition. Here are some of the ways this lawsuit could have disastrous results for Louisiana: 

  • 445,800 Louisianans who have gained coverage through Medicaid expansion could become uninsured.
  • Insurance companies could refuse to cover 1.9 million Louisiananswith a pre-existing condition. 
  • 494,000 Louisianans could lose their health insurance, leading to a 147 percent increase in the uninsured rate.
  • Insurance companies would be able to impose lifetime limits on coverage for those insured through their employer or on the individual market.
  • Louisiana women can be charged more than men.
  • Louisianans over the age of 50 could face a $4,500 “age tax,” which would allow insurance companies to charge people over 50 more than young people.
  • Insurance companies would no longer be required to cover prescription drugs and maternity care. 
  • Access to treatment for Louisianans with a substance use disorder would be in jeopardy. 

Both Rep. Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone can’t be trusted to protect the care of Louisianans with a pre-existing condition. For one of the few votes he has shown up for, Abraham voted against condemning the lawsuit that could overturn the entire Affordable Care Act and gut coverage for 494,000 Louisianans. Rispone has said he doesn’t agree with Medicaid expansion, which covers 445,800 Louisianans. 

“Ralph Abraham’s support of this reckless lawsuit shows Louisianans can’t trust him to protect the care of Louisianans with a pre-existing condition. Eddie Rispone’s silence proves he doesn’t have the backbone to protect them either.” said DGA Communications Director David Turner.“Louisianans don’t want to go back to the Bobby Jindal days, which lead to hospital closures and half a million Louisianans needlessly uninsured. Abraham and Rispone must explain why they refuse to condemn this lawsuit that could strip 500,000 Louisianans of their health care. The only thing we know for certain is that they are full-throated cheerleaders for bringing back Bobby Jindal’s failed policies.” 

And, now a word from the LAGOP....:

Hosts of JBE’s Campaign Kickoff Targeted in FBI Vote Buying Investigation

Amite, LA – Last weekend, John Bel Edwards kicked off his campaign for reelection in his childhood hometown of Amite, Louisiana. The event was hosted by Amite Mayor Buddy Bel and emceed by Amite businessman Tom Brumfield.
Yes, this is the same Buddy Bel accused by the Amite Police Chief of cutting the power to the local evidence room and allowing it to be robbed.
Yes, this is the same Buddy Bel that was subpoenaed by FBI investigators regarding his connection with a vote buying scheme in Tangipahoa Parish.
Yes, this is the same Tom Brumfield that was ALSO subpoenaed by federal agents regarding his involvement with the same vote buying investigation.
According to an exclusive report by The Advocate: The FBI has cast a wide net, examining parish races going back to 2011, two sources stated. Yet agents have taken a special interest in certain political operatives, including Louis Ruffino, a former mayor of Roseland who for years has offered "get out the vote" services to local candidates.
Long-time Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards, John Bel Edwards’ brother, said he never hired Ruffino, the north shore operative who is under federal investigation. But John Bel Edwards acknowledged paying Ruffino $8,750 ahead of his 2011 re-election to the Louisiana House of Representatives to put up signs and perform other “routine campaign work”. The Governor’s spokesman and current campaign manager, Richard Carbo, noted that the payment was properly recorded in campaign finance reports.
“If you believe that John Bel Edwards paid an elderly mayor $8,750 to put-up a few campaign signs… I’ve got some Mardi Gras tickets to sell you,” commented LAGOP Communications Director Jason Harbison.
Of course, federal investigations connected to the Edwards family have been ongoing in Tangipahoa Parish for generations. While Sheriff, Daniel Edwards has been involved in multiple federal investigations; federal agents even confiscated his computer as evidence in one of their investigations.
Their father, long-time Sheriff Frank Edwards Jr., was also investigated by federal authorities during his campaign for reelection. In fact, former Sheriff Edwards was so frustrated by one federal investigation that he tried to sue a Special Agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
It seems the apples didn’t fall far from the tree.




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