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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 13:47

Abraham commercial blames Edwards for rigs employing "no one" in Louisiana Featured

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diab edwards

I’m confused.  Perhaps  somebody can explain the commercial to me.

Last night, I saw for the first time, a Ralph Abraham campaign commercial that said something I found both shocking and curious.  According to Abraham, as he looks directly and sincerely at the video cameras, the rigs are employing no one and current Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is to be blamed.

 Here is the transcript of his gubernatorial campaign commercial "Unleash Louisiana Energy. 

Four years ago, rigs just like this, one employed thousands of people and supported thousands of families .today it produces nothing and employs no one.  That's because John Bel has declared war on the oil and gas industry.

At that point of the ad, a somewhat sinister-looking John Bel Edwards appears on the screen, laughing ruthlessly. The message, of course, at least to me, is simple. Governor Edwards takes vicious delight in destroying the oil and gas industry and ensuring that thousands of former rig employees are no longer so engaged, thus, their poor families are doing without. 

Don’t get me wrong. If indeed Edwards has hurt the industry as described in the TV commercial, Edwards should be compelled to explain.

But, if the ad is wrong or inaccurate, then Congressman Abraham has the duty to share his viewpoint with us.

I don’t profess to be an expert in the industry of oil and gas.  Actually, I, would not know the difference between an oil rig and a ”rigged election”.   But my cursory research provided to me some serious grounds for concern.

Indeed, the number of rigs have been substantially reduced over the past five years.   Based upon the information on,  the total US  Rig Count for December 15, 2014 was a whopping 1546.  From that point, the count began to drop.  You will recall, Governor Bobby Jindal presided at the state capital during this period.  Four days after  Edwards took office in January 2016,  the rig count hit 515. Based upon Abraham’s logic, Jindal was responsible for Louisiana’s share of rig count drops as the total rig count from late 2014 and early 2016 was over one thousand rigs, nationwide.  Again, based upon the Abraham logic, Jindal would be responsible for the rig count drop of roughly 66% during that short period.  If Abraham and others want to blame Jindal for that sharp decline, have at it. I prefer to blame the severe drop of oil prices, based upon the old capitalistic concept of supply and demand.

As of today, the number of US  rigs sits at 742. Is Edwards to be applauded for the 44% increase in rigs since he took office? I would not think so.

Are we to think that Louisiana rig count has nosedived but states like Texas has stayed sky high?  Of course not.  According to reports, roughly half of the US rigs are in the Lone Star state. Logic tells us that Texas is feeling the hurt now in comparison to 2014.

In other words, there is no way in China or Houston (for that matter) that as the Congressman claims, “rigs just like this, one employed thousands of people and supported thousands of families .today it produces nothing and employs no one” and that the result is due to some alleged war waged by Governor Edwards.

Think about this: produces nothing? Employs no one?

Huh?  What?

Even if somehow Abraham was referring to that single rig employing nobody,  since he said, “rigs just like this one”, he obviously is referring to  all of those rigs in Louisiana and claiming that no one is employed. 

This commercial reminded me of one of his  earlier TV ads..

Here’s  that transcript:

“I'm running for governor and here's the truth. life begins at conception, government is too big, taxes are too high, and our car insurance is too expensive. President Trump is doing a great job, Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory and as a doctor, I can assure you, there are only two genders. I'm republican conservative Ralph Abraham. I'm running for governor and that's the truth”

For the purpose of this discussion, the words that stick out to me are “Facts matter” and “I’m running for governor and that’s the truth”.

Indeed, facts do matter. Facts that are claimed to be true matter the most.  I personally have no clue how these facts alleged in the rig commercial are even close to being accurate.  I certainly have serious questions as to whether they are true.  It actually almost suggests to me that the Congressman thinks Louisiana voters are so gullible, they'll buy anything.

If the Congressman has facts to show that the incumbent is declared and has waged a war on rigs, then, please, I’m all ears.  If he has facts to demonstrate how lawsuits by the state have hurt that industry, please do provide.

But the TV commercial I saw claiming that we should blame Edwards for no jobs, is simply false.

In fact, sadly, I call it rigged.

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