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Trump calling Louisiana Governor Edwards, a liar, is stranger than fiction Featured

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Are you serious?

That’s how I felt when I saw Donald Trump’s commercial as he screamed to his rally crowd that Louisiana must reject current Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

Bad enough that Louisiana Republicans have to import a national figure into the state to tell us whom should be our governor.  But if they are going to do so, please bring in someone with real credibility than bringing in a clown who is always tripping over his falsehoods.

 The political commercials I am discussing are the ones in which Trump is calling Edwards, a liar. The last one I saw, promoted by some Super Pac, said that John Bel Edwards has lied to the people of Louisiana.

He didn’t really tell us what the lie might be. If, per chance, he’s referring to the tax increases that the state republican-controlled legislature and Edwards was forced to swallow because of the malpractice by Bobby Jindal, leaving the state with deficits in the billions, then, maybe he needs to get his facts straight. 

Edwards, as the other candidates running in 2015 said they did not want to raise taxes. He said he had no plan to raise taxes. Ask anybody with any real knowledge about the budget during 2015-2016, when the incoming administration and others had a chance to look at the Jindal books, they were quite disappointed to see a budgetary hole deeper than anybody anticipated. If you don’t believe me, here is an interview I did with one of those top expert state economiststop expert state economists who admitted that nobody was aware of the extent of the problem. Go ahead, take a look. 

So, in reality, what Edwards and the other candidates said was not a lie. At the very most accurate, it was anticipating numbers healthier than they actually were. In fact, if one had to really stretch things, one might call it a broken promise, assuming that Edwards said, I promise I will not raise your taxes. It surely was not a “no new taxes” moment. Nor was it a “I’m not going to help my rich friends and family” promise, which Trump only weeks later, pushed and signed tax legislation doing just the opposite of what he had promised.  You remember that cu? . That’s the one that he and his fellow Republican lawmakers promised would pay for itself. They didn’t tell us that we would be looking at trillion-dollar deficits as we are seeing  right now.

Speaking of lies, one does not need to look deep to find those coming out of mouth of the President. But, just to help spur your memory—remember when told us that he had no business deals with Russia, but turns out, while running for president, he and his team were working on the deal of a century, a major tower in Russia that needed Putin’s approval.

Or, remember when he told us all that it was not a crime to lie to the New York Times? Or, remember when he told us that he did not know anything about the payments to Stormy Daniels. Or, remember when he told us that he did not know anything about those men in those pictures with he, Rudy Giulian and Don Jr.i?  It turns out that he’s got some serious “splaining”  to do.

For those people questioning the accuracy of my statements here, you might check out the roughly 13,435 false, lies or misleading roughly 13,435 false, lies or misleading statements from the Washington Post. There are numerous fact checkers all over the web if you need even further support.

There might be very good reasons to vote for John Bel Edwards or for his opponent Eddie Rispone. That is a totally different issue than the one I am raising here.

I am just kindly suggesting that for anybody to trust the endorsements of a man who knows very little about this state, telling us whom to vote for, you might want to do some research about the endorser's own credibility.

If anything, please don’t scrutinize the words of the famous man whose favorite words are--"Believe me".

Sorry, I don't.

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