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Louisiana Dems post primary details, LaGOP bop "Bonkers Bernie" Featured

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Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the past year pumped into two small states, Iowa and New Hampshire respectively as they formally opened up the presidential election season.  Ever since the first Democratic candidate entered the field, the number of competitors for president has winnowed down to a handful. Left standing are those men and women who hope to have the momentum and the staying power to become the Democratic nominee chosen at this summer's convention owning the right to go up against current White House occupant, Donald Trump.


Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party released details about their upcoming presidential primary process. Louisiana, of course, which will hardly receive the attention nor the monied investments for its primary efforts, nonetheless, will be awarding almost twice the number of delegates than that bestowed by Iowa and New Hampshire, to date.  

On the other side of the political track, it appears the national Republican Party and its local counterparts are giddy over the prospects of linking US Senator Bernie Sanders with the Democrats. Sanders is a self-described Democratic-Socialist,  Also, today, the Louisiana Republican Party issued a statement reminding voters that so far, Sanders leads that party's pack.  

Below are press releases from both the Louisiana Democratic and the Louisiana Republican parties. These press releases which were emailed today only hours after last night's New Hampshire primary contest


 As the Democratic presidential nominating contest continues, Louisiana Democrats are looking toward April 4 and sharing the details of the state’s presidential preference primary.

Louisiana will vote for a Democratic nominee in an April 4 primary. Of the four states voting on April 4, Louisiana will award the most delegates. Candidates will compete for 61 total delegates, nearly double that of both Iowa and New Hampshire combined. These delegates will be awarded to candidates who pass a viability threshold of at least 15% in each of Louisiana’s six congressional districts or statewide. After the viability threshold is passed, delegates are awarded through a proportional representation system.

Because of the primary date change to align with Louisiana election laws, Louisiana was awarded four bonus delegates by the Democratic National Committee.

“We’re proud of the large role Louisiana plays in the presidential nominating contest as the state with the most delegates up for grabs on April 4,” Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson said. “Louisiana is a melting pot of cultures that reflects the rich diversity of the Democratic Party, and our primary gives a greater voice to that diversity. As we continue the nominating process, I’m excited to welcome candidates to Louisiana and help choose our nominee to defeat Donald Trump this November.” 


The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Delegate Selection Plan can be found here. 

The information page for the delegate selection process can be found here


 After last night's primary, Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is one step closer to being the Democratic nominee. If Bernie is chosen by the Democrats and elected President, our very way of life will be THREATENED.It is clear from yesterday's vote that Republicans are united, energized, and ready to win big in November. With Socialist Bernie Sanders now within reach of the Democratic nomination; this election could not be more important. wants to abolish private healthcare, take your guns, and tax the middle-class into poverty. He would help America’s enemies on the world stage and seek to harm Israel.That’s why President Trump’s team in Louisiana needs YOUR help to stop Bonkers Bernie. 

Please chip-in $5, $10, $50 or whatever you can to help Republicans STOP this Socialist from winning the White House in 2020.

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