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Pinsonat says race for Louisiana Treasurer will be sprint Featured

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bernie treasurer raceLouisiana is in the middle of a "hot" election season.  On the local level, there are number of seats available, particularly in New Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Statewide, there is only one major election, that for Louisiana Treasurer due to a vacancy.


How are the candidates for that seat shaping up? What about turnout? What might be the impact of some of the local Parish seat races?

These were some of the issues I discussed with Bernie Pinsonat today in a video interview.

Below is the first part of our conversation in which he describes that the seat, based upon recent experience, might be more important than just the treasury position alone:

Well right now election season is about the treasurer of Louisiana. It's an important position that suddenly became a couple decades ago made more important by the election of of then young state representative from New Orleans Mary Landrieu.

She became treasurer and took that that statewide elected position and used it as a position to talk about state finances to talk about the budget and then Governor Edwin Edwards who who was in middle of one of his four terms she used that to criticize him on state spending of how it spent money what we were where the taxes were going.  And in the governor's race came along and she ran for governor she finished I think third-- yes,she came out third-- ran a great race and then the next year was the opening of I think it was many Johnson's Senate seat and she ran for that replaced Bennett Johnson became the US Senator then we had an election and I forget who replaced her for treasurer in that year but he lasted one term and in John Kennedy came along who's now a United States Senator. 

Two of the three former treasurer's are now,  well, became the US senator.  , so it's become a very important job in Louisiana.  I'm not so sure as is important relate related to the you know the state responsibilities according to the Constitution but they've made it a bigger job than probably the responsibilities indicate because they use it as a platform to talk about budgets.

And since Louisiana's been mired in budget disasters for the last 15 or so years and Jindal's  last eight--and when we had the present governor, one year, treasurer get to talk about how we're spending and whether we're spending too much we have don't have enough revenue, we do have enough revenue, and so that race is being--that race is running this year because it was vacated by now US Senator John Kennedy--and we have we three or four people-- it'll be interesting you know last year when we we had a US Senate race we had nothing but 30 candidates 25 candidates whatever it was-- so you probably have a lot of people jump jump up and go qualify but you really have three or four major candidates in the--they're all releasing their own personal polls that their campaigns have done--they really don't mean anything--I think the highest number for any one of them was maybe around 11, 12, 13 % but that the bottom line is  if Bernie Pinsonat did a survey tomorrow - and asked voters who's running, maybe 2 or 3 percent of Louisiana can name one of the candidates.

In addition to the above, Pinsonat discussed the election itself.  Here are rough summaries of some of the main points made:

The candidates are all locally known only in the area and for some not really well known,  so that means they've got to spend a lot of money to get known.

They have to convince people that they want to vote for you and the other thing is since they're limited money which means this race will be a sprint to the finish from someplace probably in late September.

For more, watch the video starting at roughly the 3 minute 40 second point.

Part 2, Tomorrow

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