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Pinsonat says La. Treasurer powerful, so why expected poor turnout? Featured

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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a Louisiana Treasurer’s election coming up to replace John Kennedy, now the US Senator.


 Based upon comments by Southern Media and Opinion President, pollster Bernie Pinsonat, the election for that very important position just might be a snoozer, yet, the position is so powerful.

In a recent Facebook Live interview with Pinsonat, the pollster said the election this fall is unique.  The treasurer’s race is the only statewide race on the ballot.

According to various recent surveys, the Democratic candidate is virtually unknown and is leading with roughly 25% of the vote, with about 50 percent of the voters polled uncertain and with the Republican candidates almost definitely going to support the leading GOP candidate should there be a runoff.

Pinsoant said “This it's a special election and you don't have many of these especially for a statewide position--most of those all run together”.

One of the driving forces for turnout, however, might be the New Orleans Mayor’s race and now, the just announced vacancy for Jefferson Parish Sheriff, now that Newell Normand has opted to go into radio biz after a decade at that top law-enforcement position.

However, Pinsonat said, “you have Secretary of State Tom Schedler saying--it's going to be under twenty percent, maybe eighteen percent”.

Despite those two races in Orleans and Jefferson Parish, Pinsonat said we’re still not going to get past 20 percent turnout.

So, despite the apparent apathy, how important is the seat for Treasurer?

Pinsonat said next to the Governor, it is the most powerful political statewide seat.

“Literally the Treasurer is the most potent politically powerful job in Louisiana” He said, the Treasurer can be in the news as much as he or she wants.  The treasurer “can use that position to help the governor, fight with the governor, help pass taxes,  kill taxes, the size of the budget and they're involved in it in a big way politically”, said Pinsonat.  “So we're electing someone who is going to be a dominant player and state law politics”

But, despite that power don’t expect much activity or focus.

In sum, here’s Pinsonat’s summary of the race: The top four candidates are relatively unknown except for within respective bases, very large percentage of the population are uncertain about who they might support, no candidate hails from Acadiana, maybe one-fifth of the voters might turn out despite two important races in South Louisiana taking place at the same time.

Want more of Pinsonat’s obsservations? Watch the video for more of the Facebook Live discussion


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