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For almost one year, instead of being focused upon how to get rid of the coronavirus, thanks to then-President Donald Trump, we debated whether we should wear masks and if we should social distance.  What a waste of time.  And, a waste of life.

During an interview with Jim Brown to discuss Pandemic to the future, the issue of whether we should open up the schools came up in our discussion.  Below is the transcript of this segment of the interview. Below also is the video. I strongly recommend watching the video.

Yeah, seven grandchildren, all that are operating primarily online. And the overall consensus of the parents of the kids themselves and other teachers dealing with them is that they're not getting the same education, they would if they were doing it in the school face to face the interaction, the friendships kids, kids are missing out on. So the overwhelming consensus I hear it's much better to be in a physical environment, and try to do an online. So, you know, if you do homeschooling, those parents are geared up and have studied and worked with other parents. And if you haven't had that background, then it's very difficult to do online.

Regarding the question about doing to differential to the CDC. That's a tough one. Because we just don't know, we don't have the history. We don't have the studies in terms of the virus to see what's going to happen. Look, you're talking to a guy that spent 12 days in intensive care in the hospital. Wow, I did it because and I think I did it because I went to a political gathering where all these big shot politicians didn't wear a mask and came up to me I tried to keep my distance. I went down there to deliver a friend to do the cooking and stayed around and I shouldn't have done it. I should have gotten out there because I got the virus and I have really suffered because of it. So when the medical professionals say give us a recommendation and they've got the facts to back it up. I'm wanting to weigh on the side of listening. I need Let me tell you about this. And Trey, this is not reflective of your question. But I have people come and say, Well listen, just my right to decide whether to wear a mask or not. Well, look, what about my right for you not to be in my face in a restaurant or in the store or something like that. When you're getting in my face, you see, you are a danger to me, because you're emanating through your breath, the virus that causes me great anger, I lost a brother in law, by the way, by the virus. And so I don't buy that argument at all the freedom of choice, it's my freedom of choice for you to stay out of my face. So get the heck out of my face. And don't give me that argument about not wearing a mask. The the literature and the medicine seems to say that if you wear a mask and keep your distance and use good common sense, you're gonna be okay.

But we don't know Steve, we just don't have the the history. We don't have the medical history and a lot of these issues. And so until we have more history, I think we need to move very cautious. All my gang wants to go back to school, I've got some grandkids that I have a grandson and went back to school, his teacher got the virus. So now he's out of school for two weeks. So it's just a tough situation. And every parent has to use what they think is good common sense, and making the decisions and what they do with their kids. Again, if you have any questions or make want to make

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If you’re a book publisher like me, and want to sell a lot of books, there’s no better time than during a pandemic. Book sales have been high for months, particularly the big box stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, as well as bookstores nationwide. Some of the titles published by The Lisburn Press have sales that have tripled in recent months.  If you’re stuck inside, what better way to pass time by reading a book.

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 Assuming in this strange day and age, we still have political conventions this year, no one at this stage is sure just how the process will work. The old process of picking national candidates in the proverbial smoke-filled room has gone by the wayside in favor of party primaries. In the old days, candidates would spend years wooing state party leaders, who would then select delegates and tell them whom to support.

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Jim Brown.

He has worn plenty of hats. He's a former Louisiana State Senator, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner,. He ran for Louisiana governor and along with Edwin Edwards, Billy Tauzin, Bob Livingston and others who all were beaten by a little-known Congressman, Buddy Roemer. He is an attorney, columnist, publisher, husband, father and grandfather. He's also a story-teller.

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In the first primary governor’s race here in the Bayou State, incumbent John Bel Edwards looked to be on the verge of a first primary victory.  Then at the last minute, the President blew into the state. It made a huge difference, and now Edwards is in the political fight of his life being challenged by political newcomer and Trump ally Eddie Rispone.

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Psst… Wake up.

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve got a "red-hot" statewide election here in Louisiana in just a few months.  In fact, all Louisiana legislators are up for either re-election or are vacating their seats due to terms-limits. There might be a legislator here or there just throwing in the towel even before their time expires. 

Ok, stop your yawning. You're not interested, you say?

Well, positions such as Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner are all up for grabs. Oh, did I not mention, the big kahuna of all, the top spot, Louisiana Governor? This is currently held by Democrat John Bel Edwards. No doubt, replacing him is top on the agenda for the Louisiana Republican Party.

Sorry, was that a "ho-hum" or "hum-dinger"?  

Oh, I see. Well, does anybody know? Does anybody care?

Well, if you’re running for office, absolutely. But, if you’re Mr. or Ms. Average Voter, maybe not.

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grave honor

I hope everyone enjoyed their recent Memorial Day weekend.  Many Louisianans were vacationing over the long holiday or enjoying a cookout with family and friends.  Many stores held sales advertising for us to have a “Happy Memorial Day.” All well and good, but what about the real purpose of this special day?

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Qualification for this fall’s gubernatorial election is less than five months away.  So far, there are only two races at the statewide level that are competitive. The governor’s race always draws a crowd, with Governor Edwards being challenged so far by two major and well-funded opponents.  The other major contest pits the incumbent insurance commissioner in the run for his political life against well-funded newcomer Tim Temple. Incumbents in the other statewide offices have no opposition so far. 

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What must a candidate running for public office do to get noticed? Does it make a difference whether the candidate is new to the political scene versus someone who has tire marks of experience?  Has the Internet changed this process and if so, how? What role does polling have for those who are new to the campaign trail, compared to someone who has a track history of electioneering? Are polls necessary in all races?

ELECTIONS CAMPAIGNS 3Has technology replaced the need for shaking hands, kissing babies, making country fairs, often described as "retail politics"?  How should campaign officials and candidates optimize the “retail politics” experiences?  What are some of the issues all politicians should consider when considering whether to employ a pollster and when determining whom to hire? What is the political climate--has it changed over the past year and if so, what should candidates with upcoming races do to position themselves in their next election run?

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