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AI chatbot is real clear winner in analyzing political stats Featured

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With elections coming up in Louisiana and next year nationally, I wanted to check out how powerful my artificial intelligence, Chatgpt based technology is in analyzing numbers that I give it. So, I sent it a link to Real Clear Politics and gave it special instructions prior to its crunching the numbers. Basically, I told it to look at the link, told it what it was, and asked it to provide highlights of the polling information from Real Clear Politics polls.
This is what it concluded. Now, keep in mind, it took it about five seconds, maybe, to read all the polling information, digest it, analyze it, compare and spit it out to me in very decent servings.
I questioned it where did it get the numbers it presented because I did not see any of the numbers in the chart. Did I tell you that it took the RCP average of polls on these subjects and did it, not in one day, but maybe three seconds?
Please understand that it's spitting back information I am feeding it. There were some polls about the Democratic primary and it assumed Biden was not running.
I have not checked the accuracy of the polling averages. That would take me a little while, not five seconds, mind you.
Here is its feedback to the poll chart above. If you have any questions you want to ask me, feel free to contact me.
Biden Favorability
Biden's overall favorability is 43.2%, with 53.5% of Americans disapproving of his job performance.
His favorability among Democrats is 84.0%, while his favorability among Republicans is 11.6%.
His favorability among independents is 38.7%.
Possible Presidential Primaries
The Democratic primary is expected to be a crowded field, with a number of potential candidates already exploring their options.
The most likely candidates include Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders.
The Republican primary is also expected to be competitive, with former President Donald Trump the presumptive nominee.
Other potential candidates include Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Ted Cruz.
2024 Election
The 2024 presidential election is expected to be a close race, with both President Biden and former President Trump polling well.
Biden is currently leading Trump by 2.8% in the RealClearPolitics average of polls.
The election is expected to be a referendum on the Biden presidency, with voters deciding whether to give him a second term.
Congressional Job Approval
Congress's job approval rating is currently 27.2%, with 70.8% of Americans disapproving of the job Congress is doing.
This is the lowest congressional approval rating since Gallup began tracking it in 1973.
The decline in congressional approval is likely due to a number of factors, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living, and the ongoing partisan gridlock in Washington.
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