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Dead Arkansas, Louisiana Birds Would Have Ripley’s Believing, Or Not

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Ripley’s believe it or not would not believe it.  Or would it?


Everyone seems to have a theory why birds have been falling from the sky with one Louisiana official thinking the birds probably hit a power line to another official from Arkansas suggesting the thousands of birds that died in its state were somehow affected by New Year’s eve fireworks.


By now, probably most humans and even doves and pigeons on the planet know that blackbirds and other types have strangely fallen to the ground in both of those states since the Arkansas event.  In addition, there are new reports that Kentuckey officials are claiming the existence of dead birds last week.


While it certainly seems possible that birds were frightened by fireworks, how did so many of them die—between four and five thousand?


Also, are there power lines that big and wide that would interfere with birds flight?

According to various news reports, here are some comments from the experts:

"I haven't found anything to link the two at this point," 'Louisiana's state wildlife veterinarian Jim LaCour said.

Dan Cristol, a biology professor and co-founder of the Institute for Integrative Bird Behavior Studies, is not a fan of the fireworks idea. He said that is unlikely, unless "somebody blew something into the roost, literally blowing the birds into the sky."

He is in favor of the power line theory, although he said the birds may have been ill or startled from their roost before hitting them. "They don't hit a power line for no reason."

" Karen Rowe, an ornithologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said. "Blackbirds have poor eyesight and they started colliding with things."

“Mass bird die-offs can be caused by starvation, storms, disease, pesticides, collisions with manmade structures or human disturbance,” says Greg Butcher, Audubon’s director of bird conservation.

Then, here are some of the comments from readers of a prior Bayoubuzz article:


Which makes one wonder which is the truth and which is the fiction.


Then, here are some of the comments from readers of a prior Bayoubuzz article:


I think it is a terrorist act. Possibly some form of weapon being tested lets not forget the one species of fish. The weird weather etc. Maybe someone is just showing off there power and how there new weapon works. I know it seems kinda star wars tv scene but we are in this error now arent we????>Description: smilies/sad.gif

listen the thing iz yh dat God is angry coz bare people r saying "aahh!!! the worlds gona end on 2012"
people don't believe in dat rubbish if u keep sayin it oviuslii den it will happen
n da birds... well lets say a sign from God to show that a film can't predict the world but only God can make enifink happen
.......just like dat!!!

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