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Blogger Jason B. Berry discusses prostitute's recent claims against Vitter

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jason2Louisiana is less than one-week from Election Day with the governor’s election being the biggest prize.

Unfortunately, the state is also in the middle of reliving a personal controversy involving the individual I believe will be our next governor.

 This weekend, celebrated blogger, Jason B. Berry of the American Zombie, released videos and commentary concerning an interview he conducted with a prostitute--who claims she not only serviced US Senator and gubernatorial candidate David Vitter--but also had a 3-year relationship with him, including fathering a child.  The prostitute, Wendy Ellis Williams also stated Vitter denied fathering the child and told her to abort the child.  Vitter has refused to discuss any facts related to this controversy or any other related personal issues, other than claiming he had engaged in a “serious sin”. 

Today, Jeff Crouere, conservative radio talk show host of WGSO, discussed this controversial interview with Berry during the last segment of his  990AM morning talk show.

Let me say that I am offering the interview to the public so all of us can decide for ourelves the truth of Ellis’s assertions, if any.

A charge like that made by Ellis should be taken seriously for numerous reasons.  It involves the ongoing credibility of the state’s senior US Senator and again, in my view, likely next governor.  There is also the risks of continuing the controversy, there will be more damage to Vitter's children, who, should not be forced to endure any more of the pain.  Nor should his wife Wendy, despite her recent entering the public debate--making a poltical commercial giving testimony to her husband.  

Yet, the charge has been remade in the public square recently.  The Senator like in the past, refuses to field questions about any of the personal claims.  Thus, unfortunately, the media is in the middle.  We can ignore the story altogether and endure attacks of coverup or we can provide facts and commentary so all can determine the relative worth and its importance.{snippet 296}

Keep in mind, this information is provided by Berry during the last week of the campaign.  In the interview, he discusses why it is being disclosed now.  In my view, the credibility of the information must be scrutinized by the last-minute revelation during the middle of an emotional campaign.  However,  the Vitter campaign also has presented late-in-the campaign theatrics and charges.  Recently, it disclosed a serious allegation that had been publicly available regarding Jay Dardenne's alleged "double-dipping".  Then, last week, it secretly uploaded and distributed a dubious video to a blogger in their attempt to support questionable claims, again, against Dardenne.  In my opinion, clean hands, it has not.

There are a number of reasons that Ellis’s interview statements with Berry should not be believed--which reasons are discussed in the Crouere interview.  There are also reasons that some of her story might be believed. Personally,  I feel either she is recalling facts that occurred in her life or she is a terrific actresses.   However, do review the interview videos and make your own conclusions.

We all have feelings and opinions as to the importance of the prostitution issues as to judging Senator Vitter personally or his ability to be governor.  At this point, for the purpose of this article, that is not relevant.  To me, what is more important is that the public receives all credible evidence to make its own decisions whether a prostitute, who appears to want redemption and whose story is riddled with holes can and should be believed in a "she said, he won't say" controversy involving perhaps our future governor who did admit to a “serious sin”, and nothing more--in relationship to the DC Madam affair. 

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