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Democratic lean poll puts Edwards with 12 point lead over Vitter

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mansionA new Democratic-based poll, paid for by an organization which has been denouncing David Vitter in TV ads, is stating that Jon Bel Edwards, has the early lead against Republican David Vitter in the Louisiana gubernatorial election.  

Edwards won the open primary by seveteen votes over Vitter on Saturday, and this poll has Edwards ahead by 12 points in a head to head combat:

edwards demo poll

The image , is part of a larger picture providing more details about the lead.

The image does not include the questions, any other content nor cross tabs.  The poll  by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research to conduct the poll. can be viewed 

The third-party anti-Vitter PAC, Gumbo PAC has paid for the poll.   

While Edwards might have the early lead and while most believe the race will be competitive, some of the prognosticators are putting David Vitter as the person to beat. Today, Larry Sobato reduced the competitivve advantage in favor of Vitter, but still predicts a slight win for the Republican.  He follows other national pundits, who have reduced the advantage for Vitter, but still has him slightly ahead of Edwards.

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