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Poll: Edwards leads by 20, Dardenne's campaign chief goes with Vitter

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 According to the pollster, Democrat John Bel Edwards has a 20% lead over Republican Senator David Vitter in the Louisiana Gubernatorial runoff.  The survey was released by KTVE

According to the survey, those polled said if the election were held today, 52% of people chose State Representative John Bel Edwards. 32% chose Senator David Vitter, and 16% were undecided.

The most recent poll conducted on behalf of a Democratic group in favor of the Gumbo PAC, an anti-Vitter group, had Vitter behind by 12. 

The poll shows that Edwards is doing well among voters who preferred Jay Dardenne or Scott Angelle.

A survey by JMC Analytics survey from the first week of October found Edwards on top with 28-percent of the vote followed by Vitter's 19-percent.  On election day, Edwards collected 40 percent followed by Vitter, with 23 percent of the vote.

It might not be the head honchoes, meaning Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle, whose statements are being used in a TV spot against their former opponent, David Vitter, but, as endorsements go, it’s second best—at least from the Dardenne campaign.

The campaign manager, Jay Vicknair has decided to jump upon the David Vitter train for the runoff election.  So far, Dardenne and Angelle have not made commitments. 

Marsanne Golsby, the former communications director for Dardenne campaign has endorsed Jon Bel Edwards. Golsby, formerly served in the Mike Foster administration.

Vicknair has been quoted to say that he is a lifelong republican and believes Republican leadership in Louisiana is needed to move the state forward.


Vitter seems to be doubling down on his dangerous prisoners being released theme.

In an email on Halloween and today, his campaign has focused upon Edwards’ and Obama, inmates and now has added an additional twist, illegal immigrants:

"It’s started. Obama began releasing more than 6,000 federal inmates, the first wave of 46,000, back into our neighborhoods.  This is a scary policy to unleash on the public over Halloween weekend.

Reports say that about one third of the prisoners being released are illegal immigrants! And if this isn’t scary enough; his biggest fan in Louisiana, John BelEdwards, wants to follow his lead and release 5,500 Louisiana inmates.

Louisiana is currently experiencing an increase in crime, and we cannot afford more criminals in our communities. I’m fighting against this two ways: 1) Fighting the Obama Administration to stop this, and 2) Beating John BelEdwards." 


When the two candidates do meet for what could be the only debate of the runoff season, do you think they will have real solutions to a major problem facing this state as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal continues his Magical fantasy tour for US President?


As much as the gubernatorial candidate say they oppose Common Core, they might have a common opponent, the truth:

Despite campaign vows, Vitter and Edwards face obstacles to scrap #CommonCore via @willsentell #LaEd #lalege #LaGov

— Melinda Deslatte (@MelindaDeslatte) November 2, 2015


The group Louisiana Strong has announced its endorsement of David Vitter for Louisiana Governor.


We all know how David Vitter has been successful in rallying his troops by just saying the word Obama.  Some believe the tables could turn and the runoff might be about the Vitter-Bobby Jindal linkage.  And then, there are others who feel the real issue in the race might not be Obama or Jindal, but…


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