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Pollster Couvillon explains significant challenges for Vitter in Edwards runoff

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landrieu cassidyBased upon three recent polls, Republican US Senator David Vitter trails Democrat Louisiana Rep. Jon Bel Edwards in double digits. 

How can this be, since he has been the logical leader ever since he entered the gubernatorial race, given his name recognition, influence, incredible lead over his competitors in contributions (3 to 1 over his combined competitors in the primary race)?



In part 2 of the Bayoubuzz Blab interview with John Couvillon of JMC Analytics, the pollster, puts this question into perspective. 

First, he compared the race to that of Bob Livingston in 1991, who started out as the prohibited leader, but who did not gain traction.

He said Scott Angelle, a republican candidate in this year’s race was catching on but his numbers went down, the Jay Dardenne never had the opportunity, and that Edwards started riding a wave at the end of the primary.

Couvillon likewise said right prior to the primary election, he noticed that in a poll he was doing, Vitter trailed Edwards 37 to 28 percent.  He knew something was wrong.

The pollster also compared Vitter’s polling going into the runoff with a poll he had done in the 2014 Bill Cassidy-Mary Landrieu contest.

The differences are astounding.

In the 2014 race, in a poll conducted during the runoff, Cassidy had a substantial vote advantage in republican, white democrats and white independents.

Watch the video see the remarkable differences and to appreciate the challenges that David Vitter has at this point to beat Jon Bel Edwards in the Louisiana gubernatorial runoff. 

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