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Godfather Villere's own comments before giving Dardenne GOP kiss of death

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godfatherMaybe Republican Party Chairman, Reince Preibus, the Louisiana Republican Party and Roger Villere should have listened to WGSO radio Wednesday morning.  They might have learned something.

For the very next day, Villere, a high official of the National Republican Party and Preibus, vindictively responded to Jay Dardenne’s decision to support Democrat Jon Bel Edwards for the next Louisiana governor against David Vitter, a republican.

In a Thursday letter after Dardenne made an announcement expressing his support, Villere said, “"After decades of using the Republican Party and its members for his benefit, Jay has decided to end his political career by supporting a candidate who opposes every public policy position that he once espoused.”

He also referred Dardenne to “Nick Saban, a former LSU head coach, who is now with Alabama, which Tiger fans consider to be the football version of Brutus.

In essence, in the Wednesday letter, Villere is telling Dardenne, “you don’t play by our rules, you’re political career is over”.

In other words, if you don’t kiss the ring, you’re dead.

Which words might have been a warning shot to every Republican elected official who would think about going wayward, particularly, Scott Angelle, the other republican and former gubernatorial candidate that has not jumped merrily into the Vitter fold.

Yet, on Wednesday, Villere, when trying to explain how the party is dealing with another republican renegade, Sheriff Newell Normand of Jefferson Parish, one of the most popular elected officials in the state, a person who not only has not endorsed Vitter, he has also warned the state that his fellow republican, Vitter, would be the  worst governor in Louisiana’s history, if elected.  Villere sang a different tune on the radio show, referring to Normand.

Here is the relevant radio interview segment;

Jeff Crouere: That is a Republican elected official now who is not endorsing the Republican candidate for governor?

Villere: Well, you know, every official makes their own decision on what they going to do, obviously we would like everyone, you know, endorse the parties candidate, but that's not always what happens. I think we're working hard to get everyone working together--and our job is to bring as many people together to win this race as we can and we're working extremely hard to do that, and we would hope that all our Republican elected officials would support the Republican nominee, and that's what we work hard, but it's a very diverse party, we bring people from all over and it has to be, if you make it narrow, you don't grow by subtraction, to grow by addition, but you need diverse people involved in the party.

Translation: Not every republican will vote for David Vitter, they have their own minds and agendas.  If you want a diverse party, and you want to be inclusive and bring people all over, you don’t publicly ex-communicate one of your leaders for following a different voice.  This makes your party appear to be narrow, not adding members, but subtracting.  Worse, if you excommunicate one for going astray, you better do the same for all, otherwise, you look impulsive, inconsistent and weak, trying desperately to kiss the ring of national party bosses.

But, then, somehow, I think Villere and Priebus already knew this.  They surely have not taken any shots at Sheriff Newell Normand, did they?


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