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Atomic bomb against Vitter or a stink bomb bringing out Edwards’ uglies?

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stockley1Will conservatives continue to vote in sizeable numbers for Jon Bel Edwards Election Day, November 21?

Why did Jon Bel Edwards unleash an ad, this weekend--that, in some camps, is considered to be an atomic bomb that could obliterate David Vitter’s campaign for Louisiana governor while in other camps, is a stink bomb that brings out the Edwards’ uglies.

These were two of the issues discussed this Saturday in an online political conversation involving University of Louisiana Associate Professor Joshua Stockley, WGSO Radio conservative talk show host Jeff Crouere, former statewide elected official Jim Brown and Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.   


Crouere was asked about the conservative vote and whether they remained strongly in favor of David Vitter and against Edwards.  He said in the Baton Rouge area, Dardenne’s base, Edwards could pick up votes from Jay Dardenne.  However, in the New Orleans area, the conservatives were solidly backing the Republican US Senator, Vitter.  Dr. Stockley said Edwards did not need to pick up a large number of conservatives to win but need to exploit the cracks of division within the Republican Party. 


As to the question, why would Edwards unleash a commercial that compared Edwards’ military past to Vitter’s taking a prostitute’s phone call and missing a Congressional vote supporting soldiers killed in action, Crouere and Sabludowsky felt the commercial suggested Edwards was not totally comfortable with his double-digit lead. 

Sabludowsky said the commercial really did not tell us that much more than we already know.

Brown said it was the first time information was presented but that it was a gamble for Edwards.

Crouere felt the commercial focused upon new background information to the scandal that has persisted against Vitter. Brown felt it was one of the toughest spots he has seen in his political career an opinion in which Sabludowsky disagreed.  Brown also felt that the campaign probably also polled the ad before running it but agreed it was a gamble.

Crouere noted that the only reason that Edwards is winning is because of the scandal.

Dr. Stockley added that Vitter is not faring as well as he could because of the scandal combined with a person who is difficult to like, a quality that is important for candidates running for Louisiana governor. The University of Louisiana associate professor emphasized the ad appears to be designed, not necessarily to help Edwards but to hurt Vitter.   


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