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The David Vitter and Sheriff Newell Normand thriller

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normandDespite attempts to play down  the David Vitter prostitution issue in the Louisiana gubernatorial election, it, unlike the US Senate race, might be a major contributor in causing Vitter to lose against a Democrat, Jon Bel Edwards, who only four months ago, had virtually no name recognition in the state.

I personally have brought up the issue at times, not because I thought Vitter was a bad man for cheating on his wife, or for engaging in prostitution, despite his taking such a condescending and hypocritical stance on illicit relationships when his opposition was involved.

I think we all are happy for Vitter that his wife Wendy stood up for him and so have his kids.  Should he lose Saturday and if he should further fail to run or win re-election for US Senate, we all can be pleased that his wonderful family is there for him.  They never have deserved the embarrassment he has brought upon them since he decided stay in office where the issue would surely remain alive due to his own actions.  Nor does the Republican Party deserve the pounding it is taking for backing a fallen man, who, has now compromised those values that the party claimed to find important.

However, there were other issues involved that to me really made this issue a major one for his continuing to be a political presence.  I hear daily, when this is discussed, “get over it”, “what difference does it make”, “we are all sinners” and the list goes on as to why the matter should not even be discussed.  In many respects, if this were a person who went astray, did not break any laws (assuming the “serious sin” would be considered unlawful) then, if he were forgiven, it would be none of our business.

But, when he decided to don the garb of a campaigner for office, then the issue becomes a public one.

Even then, it all needs to be put into perspective.  Are there any other reason, or reasons, that this controversy should have such weight during this election? 


David and the Sheriff

I personally believe there are.

Thus, after so much discussion and debate by all of us over the importance of the sin, I decided to create this video which I call “David and the Sheriff”.

After creating the  video today, I discovered that the anti-Vitter PAC Gumbo PAC has created a commercial and that the Louisiana Democratic Party has decided to focus upon the same.

So, by reference, I include their comments below which I ask you to review after viewing the video.

Gumbo PAC’s latest ad pulls the curtain back on U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s spying  scandal, an incident where Vitter was caught paying a private investigator to secretly tape the  Republican Sheriff of Jefferson Parrish. According to reports, Vitter’s PI was using a “covert camera” and a “dummy iPhone” to tape the Sheriff’s conversation at a coffee shop in Old Metairie.

The advertisement, released today, highlights the over $150,000 Vitter has funneled from his campaign to J.W. Bearden & Associates, a Dallas-based private investigation firm. Vitter has labeled the spying payments “legal fees” in official documents filed with the state.

The case has been handed over to the FBI.

“He skipped important work in Congress to answer a prostitute’s phone call now he’s paying a private investigator over $150,000 to spy on a Republican sheriff. One thing is clear: Louisiana can’t trust David Vitter and his complete lack of values,” said Trey Ourso, Director of Gumbo PAC.

The advertisement, titled “Handed Over” based upon the FBI’s involvement, can be seen online here.


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