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Vitter, LAGOP mislead Louisiana voters on Syrian scare tactics

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VITTER CAMPAIGNThe Louisiana Republican party has released a statement concerning Jon Bel Edwards’s Syrian refugee issue.


They are blasting Edwards for saying he would “accommodate” Syrian refugees.


John Bel Edwards pledged to work with Barack Obama to “accommodate” Syrian refugees in Louisiana. See for yourself.


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Now he’s scrambling to lie to voters to cover up his support for Obama’s plan to place Syrian refugees here.

But don’t be fooled – John Bel Edwards has flip flopped his position FOUR different times in 48 hours. In a recent debate, he said he wants to have “conversations” with the Obama Administration about locating the refugees in Louisiana! 

David Vitter has promised to keep the Syrian refugees out of Louisiana. Weeks ago, he warned the Obama Administration about the dangers of settling Syrian refugees here. And he authored and fought for legislation to stop the refugees from entering the country. 

We can’t risk the danger of having Obama control Louisiana through John Bel Edwards. Spread the word and get out the vote for David Vitter – it’s critical for Louisiana’s future! 

In fact, whoever posted the facebook statement did indeed make the statement.     

Most candidates that i know, do not make posts on social media but they have others doing so. 

Nonetheless, his campaign takes credit or blame for the post, depending upon one’s perspective. 

But, let us look at what the republican party and Vitter is telling the public during these moments of desperation. 

They are saying, he will take in the refugees, something he has never said he would do. 

Instead, the plain reading of his Facebook Post, over which David Vitter wants to hit his campaign homerun said that he wanted to communicate with the federal authorities so Louisiana could accommodate the refugees AND ensure that all our people are safe. 

He also detailed his position in a letter.

What does this mean? 

Logic tells me, that if he cannot ensure people are safe, then, he will not accommodate refugees. 

It is only in the world of a desperate politician and a party losing its control over the administration that would stoop to such a new low.

Vitter has lied to his wife, has lied to Louisiana, has refused to tell the truth and has spied on his enemies.  Now, we are supposed to take his word when his political career is against the wall? 

It is shameful.   We are better than this.


The Louisiana Republican Party sent this email out yesterday:

It’s no secret that Obama’s biggest fan in Louisiana is John Bel Edwards. In Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate, John Bel admitted that he would rather talk to the Obama Administration about the flood of incoming Syrian refugees than take action to stop them and do thorough background checks before letting them wander around on our streets.

John Bel and Obama are not the right men to handle this Syrian refugee situation. That much is clear.

Just yesterday, David Vitter had to notify the Obama Administration that a Syrian refugee who had been living in Baton Rouge has gone missing. What kind of accountability is that? There is an unmonitored Syrian refugee who is walking around freely, and no one knows where he is.

That’s why we need to get everyone to the polls on Saturday to vote for David Vitter. Vitter flew up to DC yesterday to introduce legislation in the United States Senate that would stop all incoming refugees until we’ve conducted thorough, adequate background and criminal history checks. 

Louisiana needs a Governor who has common sense and will take immediate action to fight to protect us. Just like David did yesterday, he will continue to put Louisianans first when he becomes our next Governor.

Bring your family and friends to the polls this Saturday to vote for a proven leader. It’s not just an election. Your vote decides our future.


Unfortunately, this above information by the Republican Party apparently is also bogus.  

According to the Advocate and WWL, the man is accounted for and has always been accounted for.

Excerpts from the Advocate story:


"Baton Rouge received one Syrian refugee over the summer, a man Catholic Charities helped for a few days before he left to meet family in another state. 

Catholic Charities said Tuesday the man is the only Syrian refugee they have helped recently, and Louisiana State Police confirmed he had left Baton Rouge for Washington, D.C.

But the news of that one man set off a flood of phone calls Tuesday to the organization, especially from misinformation that made some people believe the man had gone missing, Catholic Charities Executive Director David Aguillard said.

One caller even made several threats while on the phone with Catholic Charities, especially against Syrian refugees. State Police said they are investigating the threats and take them seriously.

A State Department official told WWL-TV that 14 Syrian immigrants had been placed in 

 Louisiana, one in Baton Rouge and the others in Kenner and New Orleans.

“The Syrians that we have resettled in Louisiana are not out wandering willy nilly around the country,” Aguillard said.........

“This desire that some politicians seem to have to simply complicate issues and try to label entire populations as somehow our enemy has a negative effect on the lives of people who are coming here, escaping those situations,” Aguillard said.

Catholic Charities and Louisiana State Police officials emphasized at a press conference Tuesday that the Syrian refugee did not cause security concerns. Louisiana State Police Superintendent Michael Edmonson said some of the public outcry might have been prevented had the State Department been more forthcoming with local agencies with details about Syrian refugees entering the country.

In a briefing at the State Department on Tuesday, senior administration officials also tried to address some of the concerns raised in recent days about whether terrorists could be implanted among the Syrian refugees hoping to enter this country.

The officials said refugees must go through finger printing, biographical checks and extensive in-person interviews with the Department of Homeland Security while they are still overseas.

The officials said the refugees from Syria must go through additional layers of security, as well. Their backgrounds are run through multiple agencies, which are meant to track criminal records and useful civil information, like if a refugee has ever applied for an overseas visa.

At Tuesday’s press briefing, the officials also reiterated that the resettlement program for Syrian refugees is a federal one, and that the refugees are protected by the U.S. Constitution and federal law.

Half of the Syrian refugees who have already come to the U.S. have been children, they said.

Aguillard said he has been inspired by Pope Francis, who has encouraged countries to accept and help Syrian refugees.

“Do we want to see them dying in refugee camps? Do we want to see them slaughtered by Assad in Syria?” Aguillard asked.

He said Cajuns should be especially empathetic to the Syrians, given the historical roots of Acadians being kicked out of their homes in Nova Scotia in the 1700s when they were forced to flee to Louisiana.


  As the Republican Party email said, this is not just an election.  It is about the safety of our people already fearful as to what is occurring over in Europe whose anxieties are now being played by a desperate politician and an equally desperate party.

The Vitter commercial implies that Syrian refugees are on our doorsteps and that if Edwards were to win, he would follow lockstep.  The commercial which contains frightening images ends with Edwards saying I support President Obama and with the voiceover sayying, "he always does".

The simple inference to be drawn is, Edwards will always follow Obama on all issues, even this one.  It does not state that Edwards vouched for the safety of the citizens of Louisiana and by literal reading of his comment, security would need to be a necessary component before any Syrian refuge would be allowed in the state.  

Nor does the Republican coments and the Vitter commercial, designed to frigenten us all to vote for a man fifteen points behind in the polls, mention that Edwards does not always support President Obama, in fact, he publicly disagreed just recently over the Keystone Pipeline.

We  should all make up our minds as to who is going to be the best governor.  But, I personally am not going to be swayed by a party apparatus and by a man  whom has a serious credibility problem for starts, for not only misleading his family, but the public repeatedly and who will do whatever it takes to run over his competition and the truth that might get into his way.






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