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Poll: Vitter riding typhoon with Syria Refugee issue, down by only 4 against Edwards

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fat lady sings1The Fat Lady ain't singing.  Not yet.

Shades of the 1993 election in which Mary Landrieu rode the wave of the Sugar crises in South America, David Vitter, behind in the polls, all runoff season, is building a typhoon over the international Paris terrror crises.

In the last poll of the runoff, John C. Convillion of JMC Analytics notes the race has now dropped to 4 percent difference.  Weeks ago, Edwards led by 22 points.

In the October 24 primary, Democratic representative John Bel Edwards led the field with 40% of the vote in a

39% turnout race. He faces Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter, who finished second with 23% of the vote.

Running a close third was Republican Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, who received 19% of the vote,

while Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne finished fourth with 15% (five other candidates in the aggregate

received 3% of the vote). JMC had conducted a poll both for Nexstar on the statewide races between October 28-

31, as well as an independently conducted poll earlier this week. This poll (which JMC again conducted

independently) is a final evaluation of where the race stands the day before the runoff.

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