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Secretary Dardenne? GOP vs. Edwards on House Speaker; A quiet Jindal?

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Surprise, surprise.

According to, Lt. Gov.Jay Dardenne said Gov.-electJohn Bel Edwards has asked him to be involved with the Edwards administration.  Dardenne made the statement, during an interview with The Clay Young Show podcastTuesday night (Nov. 23).


ON Tuesday, the  Republican House issued the following statement regarding the reports that Jon Bel Edwards wants Walt Leger, a Democrat, to be the next House Speaker, despite the fact that the House has the majority.  Traditionally, the governor has had great influence over who receives the top leadership spots.

 The Louisiana House Republican Delegation met today to discuss matters relating to the election held this past weekend. We congratulate Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards on his victory and look forward to working with him for the benefit of Louisiana.

On the agenda was the question of House leadership and functionality. Considering that 61 members of the 105 members of the House of Representatives for the 2016-2020 term are Republican, the Delegation considered it only logical that it would seek to elect a Republican speaker. Accordingly, the Delegation unanimously adopted a policy that the Speaker of the body should be an independent member of the House Republican Delegation. The Delegation agrees that many of the solutions to the state's problems will need to be solved in a bipartisan way and is committed to working with Governor-Elect Edwards whenever possible.

Representative Lance Harris, chairman of the House Republican Delegation, stated, "We are committed to working with Governor-Elect Edwards and his administration on the monumental task of solving the fiscal problems facing our state. Our Delegation is guided by ten principles which outline our policy platform and we believe within those principles are common ground and workable solutions that all can agree upon. We believe that an independent Republican speaker, being backed by the majority Republican Delegation, can be most effective in tackling the challenges we face. We are looking forward to the work!"

The Louisiana House Republican Delegation consists of the 61 elected Republican State Representatives in the LouisianaHouse of Representatives. The Delegation is the majority party delegation in the Louisiana House.


Anybody watching Lee Zurik of WVUE trying to get Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s ear knows how frustrating it must feel.  For what seems now to be two years, the investigative reporter has tried like the dickens to ask Jindal about some suspicious contributions that has raised Zurik’s probative ears.  Yesterday, Zurik announced that, despite Jindal now being home-body, that is, no longer flying from Iowa to New Hampshire with spots in between, he still can’t get Bobby to answer questions about some questionable practices.  The fast-talking, always-talking governor has suddenly gone mum, again.

In  a report, all Zurik wanted to do was to ask the governor some queries about a few dollars being spent by the taxpayers, about $400,000, actually and a few million associated with Jindal’s political travels.

Jindal came into office riding an ethics in government platform which was lampooned by all except for the administration for its claiming it is the toughest in the state. 

Here is the report from WVUE.  If you have any questions to ask the governor as he debriefs after being on the presidential campaign road, just pass it on to Lee.  But, don’t expect any responses from the governor.


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