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Black Friday specials: Vitter & Jindal bye, LAGOP scars, Edwards master of house?

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black fridayAs I loosen my belt from too much turkey and stuffing and my collar from too much election tension overloads, here are my post-election thoughts on this Thanksgiving weekend.  Today, we can shop til we drop and pray that our football heroes have enough of their own inner stuffing’s to bring back hope and glory.  Next week, we start December with earnest desires for a fresh start coming from a new administration.  Meantime, here’s my Black Friday gifts to you:

Why David Vitter lost

As political analysts Greg Rigamer told me in an interview earlier this week, Vitter lost and Edwards won because the Democrat got more votes than the Republican.   He said voters go through the voting process like they go through a cafeteria line, picking and choosing dishes of interest in making their selections.  Of course, that’s a simplistic way of looking at the election results, but in reality, that is the end result, Edwards got the votes and voters chose from a variety of visual images before pushing the vote button.

Of course, there are many theories for the outcome and we all have our own.  Here’s mine:  The aggregated angry memories of David Vitter were just too much for the Republican US Senator to handle.  He had too many skeletons, too many people wanting revenge, too many negative images.   The collective anger towards David Vitter was profound.  It had been bubbling for years.  Vitter didn’t care about who he hurt, what he said or how he said it.  He thought he was politically invincible and as result, as Rigamer summed it up, he failed to get the votes. 

Polls—which we believe?

The season was marked with numerous polls some of them believable.  The ones, ironically, that proved to be unreliable were those that were pro-Vitter.  Ironically, Team Vitter tried to condemn into polling hell the MRI firm of Verne Kennedy by spreading evil and angry rumors that were repeated by his henchmen and a pro-Vitter conservative blogger who produced its own polls of little value and credibility.   Kennedy ultimately was the most consistent polling firm in the primary and runoff.  Team Vitter and his pay-per blame forces and allies should be shamed for their hate and misrepresentations.   

Republican Party and failure

Just maybe it’s time for the Republican Party to reevaluate its mission in this state. Unquestionably, it has increased its force in the Louisiana House and Senate, however, it lost the big one. In terms of jobs of stroke and influence, there is no more powerful position than that of Louisiana Governor. In fact, you can combine all the statewide offices into one and the influence of Governor would still prime over the aggregated powers of those offices. Roger Villere went ballistics when Jay Dardenne failed to be goosed-stepped into submission and as a result, came out to be a big loser.   Furthermore, the fact that Villere and other Republican Party leaders allowed Jindal to take advantage of the state speaks volumes as to why the party body needs to reconsider its leadership positions as we move into 2016.

Democratic Party

The Louisiana Democratic Party finally has a win. Whether it can capitalize on it and gain momentum is a totally different animal. What is clear, is the fact that the state will support a democratic candidate who is perceived as being somewhat socially conservative and who runs against a very-much-disliked opponent who could not be believed.  But, how many Democrats are Army Rangers, pro-abortion, son of a family of Sheriff’s remains to be seen. Probably not too many is my best guess and as a result, unless somehow the national party changes its direction and returns to the days of democratic moderation, you can keep Louisiana in the Deep South Red Sea.

Master of the House and Legislative leadership

Right now the political controversy roils over whether the incoming governor can pick the house leader. It is hysterical that Republicans are up in arms that a Democratic governor would have his wishes followed given the fact that Republicans control the House of Representatives.  Republicans have allowed governors to have their say in the past and now they want to make a political issue over Jon Bel Edwards trying to muscle into the legislative process.   The truth is, no governor, whether Democrat or Republican, regardless as to which party controls the legislative body should have any say over leadership in the legislature.  Eight years of Bobby Jindal has taught us all a lesson that the worst possible arrangement would be to grant any governor any influence at all over the House or the Senate leadership. If we want an independent legislature, then, we need to ensure it is so--regardless as to which party is calling the shots at the mansion. 

Turkey named Jindal

There’s more to come as the new administration transition takes shape and as many of the turkeys now working for the current governor start cleaning their desks and sprucing up their resumes after years of staying mum and obedient.    As far as the man who currently has less than two months left to continue his untold damage to the State of Louisiana, maybe, just maybe he will reimburse the state for his millions of dollars of travels and wasted time on our dime.  

So hopefully, that’s all for me on this post election-Thanksgiving, Black Friday.  Until Cyber Monday.  Have a great weekend.

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