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Monday, 30 November 2015 16:14

Behind the Edwards win over Vitter, interview with Tyler Bridges TODAY at 4

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edwards vicDid you know that:

Some major democratic leaders tried to convince Jon Bel Edwards to run for Attorney General, rather than Governor of Louisiana?

The information for the “killer” TV ad, Prostitutes instead of Patriots was hatched almost a year before it ran, thanks to research by communications head, Mary Patricia-Wray?

Bob Mann (and by the way, many others) openly suggested the Louisiana Democratic Party support a more moderate conservative rather than backing a can’t-win-Democrat, like Edwards?

A robo-call of President Barack Obama came to Edwards’ aid on Election Day, late enough that it would not be noticed by Vitter supporters, but earlier enough to mobilize the last-minute voters?   

These were just some of the interesting, if not, provocative facts that The Advocate’s Tyler Bridges detailed in a post-election recap of the Louisiana Governor’s Race.

Today, at 4PM, Bridges will be our guest on our online Bayoubuzz Blab to discuss his article in more detail.

You will want to be there to ask him questions and to comment.

A blab is an online video event in which you can watch an online discussion LIVE, join in the video conversation or simply ask questions or chat with others.

You can watch and participate in it here or just watch the video discussion on

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